Job seekers – what you need to know what employers are looking for

Posted on: November 23, 2010

In the past, job seekers prided themselves in being a “specialist”. For example, being a Project Manager, Human Resource, Marketing, IT specialist, etc. But in today’s tough economy, being that specialist may not get you a job.

According to a recent article,  employers are now looking for “Hybrid Employees.” But what is a “hybrid employee?” If you have skills in human resources as well as in planning special events or marketing or even developing social media, this is what an employer is looking for. It used to be known as “jack of all trades – master of none.”

The reason for you to be a multi-faceted employee is simple: you can do the work for at least two people and help save money for a company. Employers are looking for people who can do multiple things and do it well.

So if you have skills in web development or social networking as well as a professional project manager, don’t forget to include that in your resume. Or if you are a sales person who has experience in marketing you may just find your resume at the top of the “to be interviewed” list. Of course, training or experience in technology is always good to have even if your experience was purely volunteering for your church, school or civic organization.

What job seekers need to understand that future jobs will not be limited to a certain skill set or experience. Don’t be afraid to include your multi-diverse skills in your resume. This just may be what employers are looking for.


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