The Finals are here on Dancing with the Stars

Posted on: November 23, 2010

Last night’s Dancing with the Stars showed that all the celebrities were pumped up to perform their “A” game. Kyle Massey’s redemption Fox Trot dance where Len gave him pointers was really good. Hey the kid can learn!  But his Freestyle dance was a Hip Hop and I really don’t care for that kind of dancing. Len didn’t either. Kyle received a total score of 56.

Bristol Palin’s redemption Jive was fun and had lots of energy. Bruno gave her some pointers and I think she followed up with just having lots of fun. Her Free Style was from the Broadway musical Chicago and it was good and she showed passion. But the judges weren’t too happy with it because Bristol is not a professional and they have seen too many professionals dance to the song. She received a total of 52 points – once again the last on the leader board.

What can I say about Jennifer Grey? She is awesome and fantastic – a real dance performer. Her redemption dance the Pasa Dobla was excellent, Carrie Anne gave her some pointers and Jennifer followed through. But the most fantastic dance that Jennifer did was in her Free Style. She danced to a song from “Dirty Dancing.” How appropriate, she started with a song from “Dirty Dancing” and ended with one – came full circle. Of course it was awesome and her total score was a perfect 60.

Tonight the celebrities will dance two more dances and with those scores combined with yesterday’s judges’ scores and viewers’ scores a new champion will be crowned. There has been a lot of gossip that Bristol Palin has this in the “bag” but I really think the winner will be Jennifer Gray.

Also I hope Brooke Burke has another lovely gown to wear tonight. Last night’s silver over the shoulder gown was very classy. Maybe the producers will have her wear a spectacular dress tonight to end the season.

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