Elected Governor of Colorado’s house looks trashy

Posted on: November 24, 2010

A recent article shows that the former Mayor of Denver, John Hickenlooper, and now the elected governor of Colorado, has a rental house that is an eyesore in the neighborhood. His rental property located in a north Denver neighborhood has been rented out for the past four years to a member of his security detail. Unfortunately, the renter has not cleaned up the outside of the house.

There are weeds at least two feet high and the lawn has not been watered all summer long. This isn’t the first time that Hickenlooper’s rental has been in poor shape. According to neighbors, for the past four years, the rental property has been an eyesore in the neighborhood.

According to city records, Hickenlooper has been given warnings throughout the years but never paid a fine. He claims that the upkeep of the yard is the responsibility of the renter but the renter has been in ill health for the past six months. When questioned if the renter can’t do the work than should the owner be responsible for the upkeep? Hickenlooper refused to answer the question.

While more than 200 people in other homes in the neighborhood have been given fines that total more than $57,000 in 2009, Hickenlooper has not received any such fines. Is this political or just an error.  A spokesperson for the city claims that the reason Hickenlooper’s property was never fined is that the department did not receive the three valid complaints in a growing season needed to move the process to fines.

However, this leads to a question – If Hickenlooper can’t even take care of his rental property, how can he take care of the State of Colorado as governor?


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