The winner and champion of Dancing with the Stars is….

Posted on: November 24, 2010

Last night’s show featured two more dance routines from the final three celebrities – Kyle Massey, Bristol Palin and Jennifer Grey. All of them did a great job but once again you could see the judges’ prejudices to Bristol Palin. The judges loved Kyle and Jennifer’s dances. Granted Jennifer was awesome last night and I totally agreed with her perfect score of 60. But with Kyle they put him in second place and dropped Bristol to third place. Kyle was good but not that good. Bristol has bloomed into a good dancer and a good performer. She was all smiles last night and you could tell she was having fun.

However, in the end the true champion won – Jennifer Grey. She did a great job despite her physical injuries and maladies. After 10 weeks of training and dancing and with four weeks training prior to the first show, anyone would be really hurting.

It was fun watching the previous celebrities dance again. Some of the dance routines were cute and some were just weird. Mike “The Situation” dance routine was bizarre and all he did was stand there and flex his abs while the girls danced around him. Kurt Warner and Rick Fox was fun to watch and I think they both won their dance competition. Hasselhoff’s dance was cheesy just like him. Michael Bolton didn’t show up for the show because he was in concert, but I think he wasn’t even planning to come back after Bruno’s rude comment to him. I saw Brandy at the beginning of the show but I must have missed her dance routine later on. She never did do a dance performance, was it because she was too stressed out? What a prima donna!

Brooke Burke’s gown last night was gorgeous. Her black cut-out gown was gorgeous but didn’t she wear something like this before? Maybe next year the show will have more money for dresses for Brooke so she won’t have to wear the same thing more than once.

So another season of Dancing with the Stars is over. Yes, there was controversy and yes most of it was hype. But isn’t that show business?

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