Sarah Palin’s Alaska – Episode 3

Posted on: November 29, 2010

Last night’s episode centered on fishing salmon in Bristol Bay area that Todd Palin has claimed for years. Now I’m a fisherperson and I use a simple rod and reel and consider that fishing. But in Alaska, when you fish you throw out nets to catch the salmon. Hardly any skill to that one. Of course, you need to make sure the tides are right so your nets won’t be stuck in the mud but it just seems unnatural for me.

When I fish if I catch three or four fish and I consider it a good day. However, when your livelihood is counting on a big catch you are looking at 3,000 or more fish to catch. So it is a working fishing trip. Not exactly like “Deadliest Catch” but it does make you money.

Their son Track was out of the military and ready to take over his Dad’s fishing area. There was some conflict between them but nothing they could work out. Todd just wanted to make sure his son can make a living off the salmon fishing that he has done for years.

It was Willow’s birthday in July so the whole family got together and celebrated her birthday. She also went out on a friend’s fishing boar to catch salmon. It may seem strange that she didn’t go to the shopping mall on her birthday but that is how things work in Alaska. You enjoy the “great outdoors” and leave all the superfluous worldly things out of your life. It is a good life that teaches values as to what is important.

We got to meet more of Sarah and Todd’s family in this episode. We meet sisters, cousins, great grandmas and friends. There was a poignant moment when Sarah and Piper meet their cousin Matthew, a Down Syndrome child.  He is about twelve and a twin. His twin brother does not have Down Syndrome so Matthew is very special to Todd’s family. Sarah said that she could see how Trig may be when he grows up. Matthew loves to fly in a plane and Todd said that he would take Trig with him in a plane as well.

Sarah’s commentaries are simple and filled with family and life values. It is special to live in Alaska also very expensive. Did you see the boats that they own for their fishing business and pleasure? I guess if you don’t have mass transit you have to do whatever it takes to get around in a very large state like Alaska.

Next week, Sarah and her father go caribou hunting. This is when we’ll see Sarah bag a caribou with a high powered rifle.

Until next time,


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