Illegal gun running scheme under Federal investigation

Posted on: December 1, 2010

An Aurora, Colorado shipping firm, “Transportes Zuleta”, is under investigation for illegal gun-running to Guatemala. The operation was discovered when a truck leased from the shipping firm was in an accident in January 2009 in the Texas Panhandle. Law enforcement agents were clearing debris from the rental truck and discovered a box containing seven handguns hidden inside home stereo speakers. A further search revealed four more handguns concealed in a boxed television.

In August 2009, a man identified as Oscar Morales-Morales was detained after he paid federal undercover agents $1,800 for three Beretta pistols. The man told the agents he planned to smuggle the guns to a cousin in Guatemala.

Morales-Morales said that he was going to hide the guns in a box of clothing and send the package with “Transportes Zuleta to Guatemala. In addition, he also said that lots of people are smuggling guns from Denver, Colorado area to Guatemala using Transportes Zuleta.

When ICE agents in November searched the shipping company’s office, a dog trained to detect explosives and weapons alerted agents of the presence of gun powder or explosives in three boxes. These boxes were bound for Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. However, the agents found no contraband when they opened the boxes.


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