Stupid Criminals of the week

Posted on: December 2, 2010

Ordering on-line has become very fashionable these days. But when you order marijuana either on-line or call your favorite supplier to ship it to you via the Post Office, you have to be really stupid!

In Snowmass Village, Colorado police arrested two men who allegedly tried to pick up a package full of marijuana at the Post Office. The package was addressed to Drew Kirvida so the police knew who would be picking up the package.

Vaughn Barnett, 27 and Drew Kirvida, 19, showed up at the Post Office to pick up the package and were arrested on November 30th.  They face charges of possession of more than 5 pounds of marijuana – a class-four felony – and a felony conspiracy charge. They must have been planning to party hard or turn around and sell the marijuana. Don’t believe it was for medical purposes.

About a week before, a postal service worker became suspicious of the package when it arrived because it smelled like marijuana. With 5 pounds of marijuana in a package, the smell must have been very pungent.

When the men left the Post Office, they were approached by postal inspectors with guns and Snowmass Village police to arrest them.


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Stupid Criminals of the week…

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