The Worst Criminals of the Holiday Season

Posted on: December 2, 2010

Never mind about the Grinch who stole Christmas, he’s a daisy compared to these thieves who are the worst of the worst.  A young father went shopping on Black Friday for his family. He has four children ages seven weeks to six years old. His wife’s birthday is December 19 and his twin’s birthday was on Black Friday. So he decided to shop for birthday gifts as well as Christmas gifts for his family.

He finished his shopping at a local mall and was headed home with all the presents in the back seat of his car. He wasn’t aware that a car was following him home. When he pulled into his own driveway, two teenagers got out and confronted him. One had a shotgun and the other had a handgun.

They stuck the guns in his face and told him to give him everything and walk away or they will kill him. Of course, he did what he was told and these low-life sleaze-bag teenagers stole his car with all the presents in it, his cell phone, and his wallet and cash.

Later the police were able to recover his car and arrest one teenager but everything was gone. If that wasn’t bad enough, the victim was able to text the thief to give him back his cell phone because he had pictures of his newborn in the phone. The thief had the nerve to say that he would give him back the cell phone if he would pay him $300 for it. He also taunted and threatened him and even called the man back. The thief bragged that he and his friends were targeting shoppers that day and stole from several other people. He also admitted following him home to steal from him.

Fortunately, the police tracked the phone to an address and arrested another juvenile there. However, the young father now has no presents or Christmas gifts for his family. I’m sure he worked hard and saved his money to get gifts for his family and in a second, thieves stole it from him.

These are the lowest of the low and hopefully they will go to jail for a long time. Maybe they will tell the police where the gifts are so this man can salvage some presents for his family.


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