Sarah Palin’s Alaska – The Hunting Episode

Posted on: December 6, 2010

Last night’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska featured her father and Sarah on a hunting trip.  While she was explaining how many Alaskans hunt for their food for the winter, I think this episode showed more than how important living off the land is. Whether you shoot a big caribou or a smaller caribou as Sarah did, the important part of hunting is the time spent with family and friends.

Sarah and her dad, who is 72 years old, went hunting in a remote northern part of Alaska. They went to Kavik Camp where a woman, Sue, was the only person living there. This woman, as Sarah called her, is a real “mama grizzly.” Well I guess if you get attacked by a bear and have to stitch up your head from the attack and then go out and kill the bear that was going to “eat you”; I guess that qualifies as a real “mama grizzly.”

But it was much more than that. Sue was so happy to see people that when the Sarah and her Dad left she was crying. Why? Because she probably won’t see another person for nine months. The loneliness of living in a far region must be devastating. No human contact, just the wind and snow and the “critters” to keep you company. I know I could not handle that.

What this episode showed was the companionship and the bonding of father and daughter. When Sarah was hunting with her Dad, she was a young girl again. No worries or responsibilities, because her Dad was there to take care of her. Many of us may have that privilege of having our parents still alive. However, many of us don’t. When you are with your parents you are no longer that responsible adult, you are your parents’ child once again. You feel safe and secure being with them just like when you were a child. What a great experience for any adult to have. The same goes for Sue, the mama grizzly. When she was with people she felt safe and secure. But when they left, the loneliness sets in.

Enjoy your family and friends; because once they are gone there will always be a space in your heart that can’t be filled with love from them.

Next week the tempo will pick up when Kate Gosselin visits with Sarah Palin in her own backyard. Rumors have it that Kate was not a very good guest in Alaska and of course her “wonderful” personality showed through. Heck she couldn’t even handle “Dancing with the Stars” how can she handle roughing it in Alaska? Kate is the real deal.

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