Undercover Boss returns with another episode

Posted on: December 6, 2010

Just when I thought it was over, they spring another episode of Undercover Boss. Last night’s episode showed the President and CEO of ABM Industries going undercover. ABM Industries is a very large service industry mostly on the east coast and in Chicago, Illinois. In fact, on 9-11 they had 850 full time employees working at the World Trade Center. Unfortunately, they lost 17 employees that day but the rest lived through the tragedy. One employee told Henrik Slipsager, the President and CEO, that ABM was very good and gave time off to those employees as well as help them to find other jobs with ABM in area. Sounds like this is a pretty good company to work for.

Once again, Mr. Slipsager was stumbling and bumbling his way through the jobs. One was an Airport Shuttle Driver where he seemed not to be able to get moving fast enough – not driving – he drove too fast but was slow in customer service. He was fired from this job within an hour or two.

Then he tried to work as a Window Washer, a janitor and freight Elevator Operator.  It seems that he did just find as a freight elevator operator. However, Slipsager took on his biggest fears when he was working as a window washer. I think he only went up 20 floors before he cried “uncle” and made them take him down. I agree with him, I don’t like heights either.

Once again, the show staged people who were in need of something. Take for example, Peter the window washer, who has a seven-year old boy with cerebral palsy. Treatments for him are very expensive and he has to work two jobs while his wife also works a shift. Peter is at home at night to take care of the child.  Slipsager took care of his needs by paying for treatments for boy.

It seems that Slipsager, a Dutch born American citizen, was all business and not a mushy type of guy. But when he heard the sad stories of Peter as well as Maria and Larry who were at the Trade Center on 9- 11 and lost loved ones, he couldn’t help but cry. Who wouldn’t cry? Such a tragedy we must never forget.

Maybe it’s the Holiday Season because I am not feeling so cynical with this episode. I felt that this episode was tastefully done.

Next week we go to “Johnny Rockets” a burger chain. The preview shows that the boss is discovered, should be interesting.

Until next time,


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