Prank turns into a burning crime

Posted on: December 7, 2010

Kids love to pull pranks on people, but this prank turned into a burning crime. An employee in Roseville, California working for a Boston Market was a target of a vicious prank. The employee was working the drive-through window when the prankster drove up and threw hot spinach dish into the face of the worker. The victim was treated at the hospital for second-degree burns inside his ear.

This type of prank is known as “fire in the hole.” People actually video-record themselves throwing food or drinks into the faces of clerks. These low-life pranksters yuck it up but the victim is not laughing but left with untold trauma from the incident.

In the world of YouTube, everyone wants their thirty seconds of fame. But the fire in the hole prank is definitely not appropriate. Isn’t it time to start teaching our young people to treat other people like they want to be treated? Mean spirited pranks are not funny but degrading.  Parents need to start taking control of their kids. Then incidents such as this can be stopped before their kids even think of it.

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