Sarah Palin’s Alaska – a day with Kate Gosselin

Posted on: December 13, 2010

Last night’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska featured a day with Kate Gosselin and her eight children. Her kids are cute and seemed well behaved but I can’t say that for their mom, Kate. She seemed bored and inattentive when it came to a survival training class as well as a camping trip.

As Sarah explained on the show the camping trip is a tradition with her family. They try to go camping during the summer months to enjoy the outdoors and each other. But before they could go camping, they went to a “Learn to Return” survival course because the area they were camping at had lots of bears, mostly brown bears. The course showed what to do if attacked by a bear and also how you can protect yourself if a brown bear would attack you. This meant using a high powered bear rifle to shoot if the bear attacks. Kate was not for that at all. She did say that she would be willing to protect her children but she didn’t like guns. Well, I guess she picked a wrong place to go camping.

Sarah was very proficient in shooting the rifle as well as Kate. Throughout the show the two women said that they had a lot in common, they were both mothers who loved their children, both were high profile mothers and that’s about when the comparison stopped. Kate hated the outdoors, she was cold and wet and whined every minute she was there, which was about a half a day. Granted it was raining and camping in the rain is no fun, but come on, suck it up and deal with it. The only person who was smart during this camping trip was, Todd – Sarah’s husband. He stood on a river bank and fished. He kept himself away from the group so he wouldn’t have to deal with Kate and her whining.

Sarah and her family were buzzing around the camp area entertaining the kids while Kate stood under a tent freezing. Serves her right, if she was smart she would have been moving around to keep warm. Did you check out the white designer jacket Kate was wearing? Now I’ve been camping for many years and you do not wear a white designer jacket when you go camping. It attracts dirt and mud like a magnet.

It seems to me the reason Kate wasn’t having any fun was because she wanted to be the center of attention. She wanted everyone to cater to her whims and feel sorry for her. The Palin family didn’t pay her one bit of attention. Even little Piper was fed up and didn’t want to see them off on the plane when they left. When a 10 year old acts like that you know there is something wrong.

At the end the Palin family did enjoy their camping trip because they were all together and enjoyed each other. That is what camping is all about.

Next week Sarah will be doing a lot of things – river rafting, ATVing, shooting and mushing.

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