Under Cover Boss – Johnny Rockets Diner

Posted on: December 13, 2010

One more week of this staged show, once again I hope this is the last one. Last night, John Fuller, President and CEO, of Johnny Rockets Diner was featured. The Diner is a 50’s style diner that serves comfort food but has a lot of the 50’s and 60’s appeal. There are 320 locations throughout the U.S. and have served over 13 million hamburgers.

John Fuller seems to be a no nonsense kind of guy who doesn’t seem to get rattled easily. Of course, he really isn’t looking for a job, he has one, so any mistakes he would make won’t get him fired. Mr. Fuller seemed more of an egg head kind of guy but yet understanding of how to run a service industry.

The show took us mostly to the east coast of Johnny Rockers Diners where the economy has been pretty bad. Of course, the sad sob stories of the handpicked employees were told while we watched Mr. Fuller bumble his way through making a hamburger, serving customers and trying to dance. You see every half hour the employees of this chain break out in song and dance to entertain the customers. Of all the things he was concerned about was the dancing part. He can’t dance, and that showed when he tried to dance, but that wasn’t all the worries he had. At one of his diner’s which is a sports lounge and bar, a franchisee owner’s in-laws spotted him right away. Was his cover blown? No, as I said this show is staged and all went well. However, he better be concerned about the sports lounge and bar because it wasn’t making any money. This is more of a concern than either having his cover blown or not be able to dance.

The only other good business decision to come out of this show was that he now will have all of his newly hired executives train in one of his diner’s for a week. In this way they will have a better understanding of the business as well as the people working for the company.

At the end, there was weeping and crying from his employees, but Mr. Fuller kept his composure. He did a lot of nice things for these hard luck employees and now everyone loves Johnny Rockets Diner and the President and CEO.

Please make this the last show – I can’t take it anymore!

Until next time,



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