Child Abuse cases up in Colorado

Posted on: December 15, 2010

The National Coalition to End Child Abuse Deaths has ranked the state of Colorado as 11th in the nation. The coalition found that the number of child abuse or neglect deaths in the state rose from 1.77 in 2001 to 2.65.

As a result, the coalition is asking for more federal funding of between $3 billion to $5 billion. The money would go towards increase in home visits of those known to child protection services. They also want a reform to end confidentiality laws that prevent sharing of information between authorities and the news media.

Now I agree that child abuse or neglect is something that needs to be taken care of. However, giving more money to the problem won’t fix the problem. Parenting classes as well as families helping out with young parents to cope with day-to-day child rearing wouldn’t cost any money. Where were the federal monies fifty or sixty years ago when families were the center of attention in raising children? There was no money from tax payers, but families coming together to help and support each other.

Today, too many young people count on the federal government to take care of all of their needs. They need to learn that it takes individual responsibility to take care of their needs and not the federal government.


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