Meth suspect loser of the week

Posted on: December 15, 2010

There are stupid criminals and then there are stupid criminals who are real losers. This guy has the honor of being both – stupid and a loser.

In Louisville, Kentucky, the police reported that a meth suspect who was in the hospital crashed through the ceiling into the ER.  It all happened when the police were called to the hospital to interview 27 year-old Nicholas Fultz after he showed up at the emergency room with suspicious burns. He claimed that he got the burns from alcohol. However, a female witness said that he was a known meth dealer.

She had picked him up in her car and while he was inside he pulled a bottle out of a paper bag and the bottle exploded causing the burns. The substances in the bottle were ingredients of a meth lab. In addition, he had a list of clients’ names using meth.

While Fultz was being interviewed by the police at the hospital, he slipped away by climbing into the ceiling and crawled over into the next room. I guess he thought he could escape police this way. However, he crashed through the ceiling into the hallway of the ER.

Now Mr. Fultz is no stranger to crime. He has had multiple charges such as robbery, drug charges and assault. For this episode he is charged with manufacturing meth, trafficking in controlled substances, criminal mischief, resisting arrest and giving an officer a false name or address. He should also be charged with being a stupid criminal who is a three-time loser.

Parents, tell your kids don’t do drugs or else you will grow up to be just like this guy.


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