Sarah Palin’s Alaska – Road Trip and Day with Piper

Posted on: December 20, 2010

Last night’s episode featured a family road trip in a very nice RV and a day with Sarah’s daughter, Piper. The Palin Road Trip was a two day trip to a glacier where they went white water rafting.  The Class III rapids, which is for experienced rafters, was on the Matanuska River that feeds off a glacier. This means that the water is very, very cold.

Then they went ATVing to a mining camp. While they were ATVing they stopped and tried their hand at shooting clay pigeons along the way. Of course, Sarah did well with the shot gun and then they went off their merry way to the mining camp. Here Piper learned to pan for gold and got some nuggets to take home.

After their road trip they stopped at Sarah’s parents’ house where her father proudly showed off his 14 foot high antler collection. Only in Alaska would you see that adorning some one’s front yard. No pink flamingos for them but antlers instead.

Sarah decided to spend the day with Piper where they went to a restaurant in Anchorage where she decided to wait tables for awhile. Why? I don’t know, but Sarah wanted to show Piper what it means to work and to be patient with customers. Okay, whatever, guess they had to fill in some time for this episode.

The fun part of their day together was when they went to Punch Bowl Glacier where they got to do some mushing. Of course they showed the cute puppies and then took a ride on the dog sleds.

There are about two more episodes left in Sarah Palin’s Alaska and the end can’t come any faster. I’m getting the idea of the way of life in Alaska is. To be honest with you, in the middle of July I want to wear shorts and flip flops and not heavy coats and wool hats. But when you go camping in Alaska in July its cold and wet all the time. Maybe Kate Gosselin wasn’t all that big of a baby. It is still too darn cold in Alaska. Give me sunshine and a beach in July and I’m a happy camper.

Next week we follow Sarah and her daughter, Willow, to a logging camp. Then we find out if Willow can drive a stock car. Just remember, only two more episodes and it’s over folks.

Until next time,



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