Sarah Palin’s Alaska – Logging trip and a day with Willow

Posted on: December 27, 2010

Last night’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska featured a three day trip to a logging camp at Afognak Island. Only 80 people live there year round and when winter hits they are cut off from civilization. Now I know people need to go where the jobs are but I’m all for civilization and all of its amenities.

But what made this episode very interesting is that Sarah tried her hand at logging, from cutting down a tree, stacking a logging truck to pushing logs onto a river for delivery. Logging is very hard work but as she astutely pointed out that we all need trees to be logged for our everyday use. She knocked the conservationists by saying that they write their protest on paper about stopping logging but where did the paper come from? From trees of course! Also as any good logging company knows that if you cut down trees you need to replace the trees with seedlings so that there will be trees for the next generation to use.

This shows that loggers are conservationists. In addition, by cutting down the mature trees, it leaves the younger trees more space, water and sunlight to grow. It also slows down any type of bug infestations that mature trees tend to get as they age. A healthy forest makes for healthy trees.

Before they left Afognak they went to a party with gifts to give to some of the residents. They played a form of Bingo where everyone got a present to open. It looked like fun.

Then it was on to a raceway at Kodiak Island where Willow and Todd raced stock cars to see who would have the fastest time. Sarah was pleased that Willow beat Todd by 2 or 3 seconds. It sounded as though Willow was having fun driving the car.

Throughout this episode Sarah was trying to make the point that because Willow is sixteen it was time for her to start making decisions about her life. Sarah tried to put her into situations to learn how to be pro-active and to make decisions. It seems that Willow was doing all right but I found it a bit disingenuous when Sarah said that she was proud of Willow making a salad at a logging camp. Heck, if she can’t even make a salad then Willow is in deep trouble. But I get the point; Willow is growing up and needs to understand that she needs to be more independent than she is right now. Anyone with a teenager understands this.

On January 9th will be the two hour finale for this program .Glad it will be over but I’ve heard there may be a sequel next year.

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