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Our universities and colleges are not teaching tolerance and free speech, still. I say still, because this reminds me of when I was in college in the 60’s. If you don’t agree with the “progressive” or “liberal” minded students and teachers, then they don’t want to hear from you. How twisted is their thinking! In a country where free speech is sanctimonious, these “leftists” stifle free speech by protesting.

At Washington University in St. Louis asked Bristol Palin to be the keynote speaker for its “Sexual Responsibility Week.”  However, leftists leaning students decided that they didn’t want her to speak. According to the St. Louis Dispatch, anger over a decision to pay Bristol Palin several thousand dollars in student fees to talk to Washington University students about abstinence led to a decision Thursday night to nix Palin’s appearance on a panel here next month.

Washington University’s Student Health Advisory Committee had extended an invitation to Palin, a spokeswoman to prevent teen pregnancy, to speak on abstinence as part of the university’s Student Sexual Responsibility Week.

But because of a growing controversy among undergraduates over the decision to pay for her talk with student-generated funds, the advisory committee and Palin decided Thursday night “that the message that they intended on sharing would be overshadowed by controversy,” according to a university statement.

Scott Elman, president of the advisory committee, said the decision to halt Palin’s appearance as a keynote speaker was “100 percent mutual” between Palin and the committee. Elman added that he was very disappointed that students weren’t more open to having Palin speak.

At least Bristol Palin took the “high road” not to appear. She is a young woman and doesn’t know how to handle this type of controversy. Now if this was Ann Coulter, she wouldn’t back down. Bring on the pies, the boos, and cat—calls Ann would say. You can’t handle the truth and that’s why you are protesting against me. But then Ms. Coulter is more mature than Bristol Palin and has had a lot more experience with leftist students at universities.

Sadly, there still is bigotry in our country and it is still in our universities and colleges.

Have criminals gotten bolder or are there more crazies out there? In just 24 hours at least 11 officers were shot. These low-life criminals are shooting our police officers even during a simple traffic stop in Indiana and Oregon. At a Detroit police station four officers were wounded by a gunman. Police were involved in a shootout at a Port Orchard, Washington Wal-Mart were two deputies were injured. Then there were two officers who were shot dead and a U.S. Marshal was wounding by a gunman in St. Petersburg, Florida.

But it doesn’t stop there. Last week two Miami-Dade, Florida detectives were killed by a murder suspect they were trying to arrest. Then there were officers who were trying to serve an arrest warrant at home in St. Petersburg, Florida when they came under fire. This doesn’t even include Border Agents who have been shot dead along our border.

According to a spokesman for the International Union of Police Associations, these shootings are not a fluke. There’s a perception among officers in the field that there’s a war on cops going on. The bad guys are not afraid of cops and they are rarely rational. You get that combination, when you ID yourself as a cop, it does not scare them away; it makes it more dangerous for you.

As for routine traffic stops shooting, the spokesman believes that the word “routine” should be eliminated from the job. There’s no such thing as a “routine” traffic stop. There is only “known risk” and “unknown risk.”

Everyday our officers provide a service to all of us and take a high risk that they will run into a bad guy who has no regard for our laws or officers working to protect us. Think about it, would a good citizen consider robbing a bank, or stealing or assaulting a helpless person? Would a good citizen be involved in drug trafficking? Of course not, these criminals have no regard for laws or society. They are self-centered, egotistical people who think they are above the law.

Remember, our law enforcement people are out there to help protect us. They aren’t the “bad guys” but the “good guys.” Even if you get a speeding ticket, don’t be angry at the cop who pulled you over. You should thank the officer because they are there to stop us from hurting ourselves or others.

Financial website recently released its list of the 10 most scammed states.  Usually scam artists have tried to just take your money from you, however today these low-life criminals are going after your personal information so they can steal your identity.

The most vulnerable are your kids because they spend more time online. Every child has a social security number and that’s what these scammers want because they want to steal their identity. Discovery of this theft may not be found out for some time.

In addition, scammers not only want your social security number they want your address, your date of birth, your middle name, as well as any sort of passwords. Those are pieces of personally identifiable information that belong to you.”

Below is the list of the 10 most scammed states. If your state is on this list, you can reduce your vulnerability to identity theft by not giving out personal information over the phone if you did not initiate the phone call.

  1. Washington, D.C.
  2. Nevada
  3. Colorado
  4. Maryland
  5. Florida
  6. Arizona
  7. Oregon
  8. Washington
  9. Delaware
  10. California

Last night’s Under Cover Boss was a real tear jerker – at least for the CEO, Sheldon Yellen, of Belfor Restoration Company. I think he was so emotional because he thought his company was the best in the world, all of his employees just love the company and there were no problems. So he was shocked when he found discontent and problems among the ranks.

One instance confirmed this for me when he was working with a water technician, Jen. She complained that “corporate” didn’t do what they promised her and she didn’t want to quit because she “loved” the work she was doing as well as the company. So Yellen couldn’t hold back his emotions and told her that he was under cover and that “corporate” heard her. What a dramatic moment – not! He was just trying to stroke his ego.

So once again we find a CEO who is incompetent, unable to do simple manual labor and a real bumbler. However, Yellen is a high roller! He has a beautiful house and car and was thinking about buying a Country Club. He inherited the business from his father but when he was younger he worked at menial jobs. When his father passed away he and his brothers were put in charge of the business. So he forgot what it was like to work for a living.

The company headquartered in Birmingham, MI is a $1.5 billion company with 6,000 employees in 29 countries worldwide. They instituted a wage freeze at the beginning of the economic crisis and didn’t realize how it affected their employees. Their reasoning was that at least everyone has a job but in a down-economy they still made $1.5 billion. Don’t you think they could afford to give raises and promotions?

Yellen then became “Santa Claus.” He was giving out money left and right. $15K for student loans, $10K for an advance, $10K for schooling, $10k for grandchildren’s schooling, $15k for being nice and another $15k for just because. $75k in all to the employees he came in contact with. Just a drop in the bucket for him but a lot for those employees.

At the end Yellen claimed that his experience was “life changing” for him. Yes, he was able to stroke his ego and feel better about being a billionaire.

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Each New Year brings on more laws for citizens in different states to follow. But when a law has reached its “peter principle” it becomes downright silly. You would think lawmakers would take it off the books. Here are some of the five weirdest laws in America.

Weird Law No. 5

Monsters Must Be Licensed — Urbana, Illinois

This one has grown to legendary status online in various forms along the lines of “Monsters are not allowed inside the city limits of Urbana.” But that’s not entirely true: Monsters are allowed; they just need to be licensed.

The basis for this strange city requirement can be found in an act from 1872, which states that “exhibitions of freaks of nature or monsters” staged for profit within city limits must first receive a license from the city clerk. Of course, if you were bringing a monster show to Urbana for charity, well, then no license required.

Weird Law No. 4

No Tobacco, Alcohol For Park Animals — Dyersburg, Tennessee

If you ever find yourself with time to kill in the western Tennessee town of Dybersburg, be sure to not contribute to the delinquency of a squirrel in the city’s parks. That’s because the city’s code prohibits “giving an animal or bird tobacco, alcohol or another known noxious substance in city parks.”

What could have possibly been going on in this city of 18,000 that would inspire such a head-scratcher of a law? Maybe some people were all too willing to let crows and other wild birds bum cigarettes? Or perhaps there was a rash of people trying to string out rabbits on meth? Whatever the reason, it’s just good to know that somebody’s looking out for the sobriety of woodland animals in The Volunteer State.

Weird Law No. 3

Rural Drivers Must Fire Signal Flares Every Mile – Pennsylvania

At one time these Pennsylvania “rules of the road” set up by the Farmer’s Anti-Automobile society probably made pretty good sense. After all, with autos in the early part of the 20th century sharing country roads with the livestock, you couldn’t be too safe, right? Thus, this requirement was made for drivers on rural roads outside of towns of at least 500 residents. After firing his (yes, HIS) rocket flare, the motorist was required to wait 10 minutes to ensure all livestock had been startled off the road.

The rules also called for a motorist to pull off the road and cover his vehicle so as not to spook an approaching team of horses. And if the horses still were startled? The motorist then had to “quickly and completely disassemble his motorized vehicle and hide it under the nearest brush or shrubbery.”

Weird Law No. 2

No Baths In The Winter — Clinton, Indiana

Like our last law, the long-forgotten prohibition against bathing in the winter in this Indiana town comes from a simpler — and apparently less hygienic — time. In the mid-1800s, laws regulating when and how people could bathe were all the rage.

In Boston, people were prohibited from bathing on Sundays, and a doctor’s note was needed on other days. Florida and Portland, Ore., once had laws requiring bathers to wear a bathing suit or other clothing. And Virginia law forbade bathtubs in the house, relegating them to the yard instead.

At that time most doctors thought that people became sick when they got wet or chilled. With some researchers calling for more frequent baths to wash away germs, doctors disagreed and pushed for the bathtub laws. If you do bathe — and find yourself in Pennsylvania while doing so — just don’t sing in the tub. That used to be illegal too.

Weird Law No. 1

No Ice Cream Cones In Your Back Pocket — Lexington, Kentucky

This may sound strange but lawmakers were looking out for you. Not only in Lexington was this once the law of the land but also in states such as Alabama and Georgia. What was the reason? Very simple: To stop people from stealing horses.

As anyone who’s ever seen a western can attest, horse thieves were just about the lowest no good, dirty, rotten scoundrels around. Some sunk even lower by using the promise of a pocket ice cream treat to lure horses away. If caught, they could always claim the horse simply followed them home.

Lawmakers in Colorado are planning to introduce a Fetal Homicide Bill during this year’s legislation. A hit-and-run crash that injured a Denver woman and claimed the life of her unborn child of 8 months will the topic of discussion. The woman is recovering but her unborn child was killed.

Under current law, the driver who has not been found could be facing possible charges of assault with a deadly weapon, reckless driving resulting in injury or leaving the scene of an accident. This low-life hit-and-run driver could face an enhanced penalty because the victim was pregnant. However, current law does not make the injury or death of an unborn child a crime in itself.

If the law is changed, it will allow prosecutors to charge the driver with the death of the unborn child. The Republican lawmaker states that in these violent situations he wants to be able to create a penalty where punishing somebody who commits violence against an unborn child.

Of course, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains is taking a wait and see approach to the planned legislation. Are they concerned that it would include abortions? Several times there were amendments introduced to voters that defined “personhood” which Planned Parenthood didn’t like at all. However, how can you say that an unborn fetus whose heart is beating and their little feet and arms are kicking is not a “person”? Tell that to the devastated parents who cannot hold this child in their arms or hear the cooing of their baby because someone hit its mother and killed the baby she was carrying.

In today’s politically correct society, we have to stop being politically correct and start looking out for the children whether born or unborn.

In Pittsburgh, PA, forty-three sex offenders are wearing monitoring devise as a condition of their parole. With more than 1,100 registered sex offenders living in Allegheny County, this pilot program is at least a first step to keep track of sex offenders.

Sex offenders have a high recidivism of re-offending because of the psychology of the crime and its criminal activity. As a result, law enforcement has placed these GPS monitors provided by Guardian Protection Service on sex offenders.  As long as the offenders stay in the inclusion area, they are okay, however if they travel into an exclusion area, police are notified immediately.

What are exclusion zones for sex offenders? Exclusion zones are schools, daycares, playgrounds, any type of facilities where children congregate. As a result, these monitors help police to monitor sex offenders and when an offender enters these zones, they are arrested and possibly sent back to prison. The GPS monitor works 24/7, tracks the movements of a sex offender and if you have children, this is really significant for their safety.