Under Cover Boss takes the to seas

Posted on: January 3, 2011

Last night’s Under Cover Boss featured Kevin Sheenan, CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line. With eleven cruise lines throughout the Baltic, Mediterranean, Alaska and Hawaii, this is one of the largest cruise ship liners. They service over 30,000 people each week and a billion dollar enterprise.

As expected Mr. Sheenan wanted to find out how his employees were doing and what he could do to make things better not only for his employees but also for his customers. Now Sheenan is no slouch when it comes to working. He’s had numerous types of manual labor jobs throughout his career that’s spans 25 years in the business world. But then of course, this show wouldn’t be the typical Under Cover Boss show if it didn’t show how inept the big boss is and even had a heart stopping moment when he was discovered.

Oh please, this show is really hokey. Most of it is staged and the people he is supposed to be working with have been picked beforehand. I really didn’t learn a lot from this show. Just that the employees of the cruise line have to sign a 10 month contract to be on the sea. I guess that means no going home until the contract is finished. Sounds like they are deploying in the Navy but for a much shorter period of time.

One good thing to come from his undercover work was that he stopped offering a lame ice skating rink onboard the ship. Who wants to go ice skating when you are on a cruise? Not me, I would just want to swim or play volleyball or rock climb.

At the end Sheenan gave out promotions, money for causes and vacation cruises to the employees he met. I guess I have to watch one more episode next week. This one looks a lot lamer than all the rest. The big shot of a uniform company goes undercover and he looks like he’s over 70 years old. Do you think maybe this may be a dead giveaway that he is the boss going undercover???

What a lame show,

Until next time,



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