Secure Communities initiative in Colorado

Posted on: January 5, 2011

Colorado is joining 35 other states in a federal program called Secure Communities. This initiative will provide an electronic link between local law enforcement and the federal government by providing ICE with fingerprints of individuals who are arrested. Currently, their fingerprints are only provided to a state database. As a result, ICE personnel can provide the state with information if these individuals are illegally in the country.

The Secure Communities initiative was launched by former President George Bush in 2008. The Congress has appropriated $1.4 billion to ICE to expand criminal immigrant enforcement efforts. Secure Communities is part of that effort.

There has been controversy about this initiative primarily from immigrant coalition forces that claim that it may cause a dragnet in immigrant communities. However, this is far from the truth. In the past, there have been several incidents of illegal immigrants who have committed crimes and are under the radar for deportation because law enforcement cannot identify them.

The significance of this initiative is providing public safety for all people living in the community. In addition, this program will become mandatory by 2013.


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