Illegal distribution of Medical Marijuana drug ring busted

Posted on: January 8, 2011

It should not come to any one’s surprise that a drug ring found a way to distribute their drugs under the guise of medical marijuana law. The drug ring is accused of using packets of photocopied patient records to cover up the operation. The indictment says the grow operations planned to use the records to convince police they were in compliance with Colorado’s medical marijuana laws. Investigators say the suspects came to Colorado from New Mexico to use our laws as a cover.

These low-life criminals had growing operations where they shipped to New Mexico, for resale huge pounds of marijuana selling for as much as $7,000 per pound. When the Northern Colorado Drug Task Force seized the operations they found more than 110 pounds of marijuana worth an estimated $375,000, 687 marijuana plants, nine firearms and $175,000 in cash.

Marijuana growing laws have been passed in Colorado that limit the grow operation for only patients’ use along with proper paperwork that complies with the law. Law enforcement busted the growing operations in Erie, Fort Collins, Longmont and Westminster.


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