Sarah Palin’s Alaska the final episodes

Posted on: January 10, 2011

Last night’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska featured a day with Piper, Sarah’s Dad, her nephew and her brother Chuck. They went kayaking on the Valdez and saw some pretty remarkable sites such as an overhanging glacier that produced rain into the water. However, once again I found that Piper is such a precocious child and quite a ham on camera. Piper was kayaking with her Uncle Chuck but Sarah kept a watchful eye over her all the time. A typical mom and that’s what I would do.

They then went to Nome for gold mining. Talk about a small town, there are only 350 people in the gold mining camp on the Crippel River. Piper cracked me up when she said that she was going to sell the gold they get on e-Bay. Her cousin asked her how much she would get for the gold and Piper had no clue. But her cousin did, he said at least $80. Little did they know that gold is over $1,400 an ounce. Ahh, childhood how sweet it is. They used the gold they panned for two gifts for their parent’s 50th wedding anniversary.

At Anchorage they visited an air show with a performance by the Blue Angels. These pilots are great to watch and great Americans. Todd said that one in eighty people in Alaska holds a pilot’s license. I can understand that because just about everywhere they went they traveled by plane.

The final episode highlighted some of the former episodes that were controversial – especially the hunting episode with the rifle that Sarah shot. Her father was carrying the rifle when he fell. This jarred the scope out of line and when Sarah was shooting at the Caribou she missed it completely. But when she shot another rifle, she was dead on. To all those skeptics out there, she can shoot and she is a serious hunter. If you don’t know what you are talking about, then don’t say anything at all.

Of course, there were some discussions with the Kate Gosselin episode. Sarah was kind to say that she would be out of her element if she was in a big city so she felt bad for Kate. Come on, Kate is a diva, she would even complain about the poor service in a big city.

Sarah Palin’s Alaska episodes have averaged 3.2 million viewers per week with its first episode delivering TLC’s best-ever launch ratings. So what did we learn from Sarah Palin’s Alaska? For certain, Alaska is a beautiful state with plenty of wild life and great outdoor activities. But when it is “summer” in Alaska and you have to wear a down coat to keep warm when you are outdoors, I think I’ll skip it for now. We also got to know the Palin family. They are just your average typical American family. No wild ideas from them, just fundamental values that most Americans have grown up with. So I say to all of those people who want to make Sarah and her family into something they aren’t, just back off and let them live their lives.

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