Under Cover Boss – Belfor Restoration Company

Posted on: January 17, 2011

Last night’s Under Cover Boss was a real tear jerker – at least for the CEO, Sheldon Yellen, of Belfor Restoration Company. I think he was so emotional because he thought his company was the best in the world, all of his employees just love the company and there were no problems. So he was shocked when he found discontent and problems among the ranks.

One instance confirmed this for me when he was working with a water technician, Jen. She complained that “corporate” didn’t do what they promised her and she didn’t want to quit because she “loved” the work she was doing as well as the company. So Yellen couldn’t hold back his emotions and told her that he was under cover and that “corporate” heard her. What a dramatic moment – not! He was just trying to stroke his ego.

So once again we find a CEO who is incompetent, unable to do simple manual labor and a real bumbler. However, Yellen is a high roller! He has a beautiful house and car and was thinking about buying a Country Club. He inherited the business from his father but when he was younger he worked at menial jobs. When his father passed away he and his brothers were put in charge of the business. So he forgot what it was like to work for a living.

The company headquartered in Birmingham, MI is a $1.5 billion company with 6,000 employees in 29 countries worldwide. They instituted a wage freeze at the beginning of the economic crisis and didn’t realize how it affected their employees. Their reasoning was that at least everyone has a job but in a down-economy they still made $1.5 billion. Don’t you think they could afford to give raises and promotions?

Yellen then became “Santa Claus.” He was giving out money left and right. $15K for student loans, $10K for an advance, $10K for schooling, $10k for grandchildren’s schooling, $15k for being nice and another $15k for just because. $75k in all to the employees he came in contact with. Just a drop in the bucket for him but a lot for those employees.

At the end Yellen claimed that his experience was “life changing” for him. Yes, he was able to stroke his ego and feel better about being a billionaire.

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