Bristol Palin cancels speaking engagement at a university campus

Posted on: January 28, 2011

Our universities and colleges are not teaching tolerance and free speech, still. I say still, because this reminds me of when I was in college in the 60’s. If you don’t agree with the “progressive” or “liberal” minded students and teachers, then they don’t want to hear from you. How twisted is their thinking! In a country where free speech is sanctimonious, these “leftists” stifle free speech by protesting.

At Washington University in St. Louis asked Bristol Palin to be the keynote speaker for its “Sexual Responsibility Week.”  However, leftists leaning students decided that they didn’t want her to speak. According to the St. Louis Dispatch, anger over a decision to pay Bristol Palin several thousand dollars in student fees to talk to Washington University students about abstinence led to a decision Thursday night to nix Palin’s appearance on a panel here next month.

Washington University’s Student Health Advisory Committee had extended an invitation to Palin, a spokeswoman to prevent teen pregnancy, to speak on abstinence as part of the university’s Student Sexual Responsibility Week.

But because of a growing controversy among undergraduates over the decision to pay for her talk with student-generated funds, the advisory committee and Palin decided Thursday night “that the message that they intended on sharing would be overshadowed by controversy,” according to a university statement.

Scott Elman, president of the advisory committee, said the decision to halt Palin’s appearance as a keynote speaker was “100 percent mutual” between Palin and the committee. Elman added that he was very disappointed that students weren’t more open to having Palin speak.

At least Bristol Palin took the “high road” not to appear. She is a young woman and doesn’t know how to handle this type of controversy. Now if this was Ann Coulter, she wouldn’t back down. Bring on the pies, the boos, and cat—calls Ann would say. You can’t handle the truth and that’s why you are protesting against me. But then Ms. Coulter is more mature than Bristol Palin and has had a lot more experience with leftist students at universities.

Sadly, there still is bigotry in our country and it is still in our universities and colleges.

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