Watch out for a new bank scam

Posted on: February 10, 2011

Low-life scammers who go after your identity is bad, but when they go after your child’s identity, that’s terrible. A 3-year-old girl in Colorado had her identity stolen by a scammer to buy pornography. Someone hacked into her mother’s Wells Fargo checking account and used her daughter’s name on an electronic check to pay for an online porn subscription.

According to reports the little girl isn’t a signer on the account, but Wells Fargo didn’t care and cashed the check for $29.95 made out to a company called BBU Interservices. This company is an online porn distributor.

This wasn’t the first time this company has done this. They have scammed other people out of money from their accounts before. There is an 800 number listed on the check and when a local TV station tried to contact them they were connected to a third party billing company. This company handles the transactions for BBU Interservices and more than 1,000 other businesses. They are not affiliated with this service but they did confirm that the company is a distributor of Internet adult websites.

The TV station could not find any legitimate contact information for BBU Interservices. In addition, Wells Fargo doesn’t know how this could have happened and is doing an investigation.

Be aware that online bill paying may not be any safer than sending a check through the mail. The reason is criminals have become more sophisticated and know how to hack into computers.


2 Responses to "Watch out for a new bank scam"

The mother’s bank account was not hacked. The breach appears to have occurred with a company named Lender Processing Services. They are a third party provider to lenders for accepting payments online. Customers of lenders such as Regions, MCG and Cenlar have been impacted thus far. A Google search for BBU Interservices yielded some interesting results.

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