State of Colorado set to introduce a fetal homicide crime bill

Posted on: February 14, 2011

The Colorado legislature is planning to introduce a bill that makes it a crime of killing a fetus – without threatening abortion rights. This bill is a result of a tragedy that happened to a young mother who was hit by a car. She was 8 ½ months pregnant, her baby died from the hit-and-run accident but thankfully she survived.

The bi-partisan bill sets up a new felony called “unlawful termination of a pregnancy.” The bill also makes it clear that a woman or physician intentionally terminating a pregnancy wouldn’t be subject to prosecution. Sadly the bill fails to consider a fetus as a “person” under the law.

Other states have passed legislation on fetal homicide as a crime. You may remember the death of Lacy Peterson whose husband killed her which resulted in the death of her unborn almost full-term baby. Scott Peterson was convicted of murdering his wife but no charges were brought on the death of his unborn baby.

Whether you are a pro-choice or pro-life advocate, the tragedy of a death of a near full-term unborn baby due to a crime is terrible. When will we start protecting near-term babies from crimes? Give them a chance to survive.


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