American Pickers go to Washington, D.C.

Posted on: February 17, 2011

Have you ever watched the show “American Pickers” on the History Channel? Two guys drive around in a mini-van looking for stuff that they can buy from collectors aka “hoarders” and then resell them to people who want to collect this stuff. Of course, they offer the lowest price they can so they can upsell the stuff and make money. What a great concept. Buy junk from someone else and sell it for a profit to “collectors” who want this junk.

Mike and Frank are the stars of this show and sometimes find that these collectors are not really ready and willing to sell their stuff to them. Some of them hem and haw, tell sad stories about how important the stuff is to them and at times balk at selling anything. This must be very frustrating to Mike and Frank but they are patient with them. In the end they sometimes prevail and sometimes find that these hoarders are not up to selling to them.

This concept is similar to what our Congress is trying to doing now. If you have been watching CSPAN this week, the House of Representatives want to reduce our current fiscal year’s debt because we are broke and need to tighten our budget. Because the Democrats, when they controlled the House last year, did not come up with a FY2011 budget, the Republicans are now left with the chore to do a FY2011 budget.

While watching this process on TV, it seems that the Republicans are the “American Pickers” who are eager and ready to cut the budget and the Democrats are the crazy hoarders who don’t want to let go of all the spending they have done in the last two years. The Democrats seem to hem and haw and tell sad stories. For example, the Republicans want to cut funding for NPR and PBS. Now this has been the Democrats special junk for them. One Democrat Congresswoman even said that if millions of dollars are cut from these programs that Bert and Ernie will be getting “GOPink Slips”. Isn’t that clever? It is also very sad to see that Democrats want to keep spending money on their precious programs that have outlived their useful lives.

How many of you watch PBS or listen to NPR? Whenever I watch PBS, maybe twice a year, they always have a fund raiser going on. If they are getting our tax money, why do they need to do fund raising?  Even with the fund raising they do very well so why do they need our tax money? As for NPR, I have never listened to this radio station. In our little town we have a local radio and TV stations that are running just fine. They have sold air commercial time to local businesses which provides the revenue to keep these stations going.  Why can’t PBS and NPR do the same?  Maybe it’s because they don’t offer programing for what the market wants.

There are other examples of the Democrats’ “hoarding” and the Republicans’ “picking.” The House should have the FY2011 Budget finished soon but watching the process at times is very frustrating if you keep in mind that we need to trim our budget. But then this process can be entertaining if you look at it as American Pickers go to Washington, D.C.


4 Responses to "American Pickers go to Washington, D.C."

Great post! I, for one, love American Pickers and your analogy is spot on. The entire ordeal is incredibly frustrating and I find it appalling that Democrats were unwilling to finalize a FY2011 budget and are now presenting Republicans as the evil people who want to do away with all of your hand-outs because they hate you. Big Bird will do just fine without government funding and NPR would have steered clear of this mess if they hadn’t been used like hand puppets by liberals during the Juan Williams ordeal. Keep up the good work!

Glad you liked my post – this is the only way I can get through watching this process. This is very important for our country and quite frankly I’m getting tired of all the nonsense that is going on.

I totally agree. I just read the two posts you have published this afternoon and am wondering if you would mind me adding you to my blogroll on my site? I believe some of my readers will enjoy checking out your site just as I do. Of course, I will not be offended if you decline.

I would be honored if you add me to your blogroll. Please do.


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