If you own a Jeep you need to read this

Posted on: February 21, 2011

In Overland Park, Kansas the police are warning Jeep owners that the doors on their car are targets for thieves to steal. These low-life thieves are taking the doors off Jeep Wranglers and selling them online. The doors cost about $1,000 each to replace but who knows what the thieves are asking for it online. In just a few weeks, four thefts have occurred.

It seems that it is easy to steal the doors on a Jeep Wrangler. What keeps the door in place are a simple pin and a bolt that can be taken off. Removal of the door is then easy to do. All police can tell Jeep owners to do is to make sure they lock the doors. However, you can buy specialty kits with bolts that are harder to remove.

But why target Jeep Wrangler doors to steal? Probably the thieves who are committing these quick and easy crimes are selling the stolen doors to feed their drug habit. A true lover of Jeeps wouldn’t even think about stealing another Jeep owner’s doors.

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