Let’s bash the Baby Boomer Generation for today’s problems

Posted on: February 22, 2011

I’m tired of pundit writers bashing the Baby Boomers generation. Take for instance Ed Morrissey’s latest article on HotAir. He calls this generation as the worst generation ever. He tries to convince his readers that the baby boomers are spoiled by citing an article written by Paul Begala (born 1961). Begala calls this generation, “the most self-centered, self-seeking, self-interested, self-absorbed, self-indulgent, self-aggrandizing generation” in U.S. history.Then he goes on to compare this selfishness to the Wisconsin’s budget battle. This I believe is nothing but a bunch of miss thinking on both of these pundits.

The United States Census Bureau defines the demographic birth boom as between 1946 and 1964. But when you look at actual chart, by 1960 the demographics are falling dramatically. I believe that the Baby Boomer Generation is from 1945 and 1960.I was born in that era and I really don’t agree that this generation should be slammed as the worst generation in history.

First of all, look who we had as leaders when we became of age – Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter. We went through the Viet Nam war where politicians ran the war instead of military leaders. Our boys served and died there and were spit upon by crazy left-wing liberals when they returned. LBJ never gave the military the opportunity to prove their worth. Politicians ran that war and it turned out miserably. Richard Nixon got us out of the war that the Democrats started but he was impeached for his wiretap escapades. As for Jimmy Carter, those were the years where inflation and interest charges were double-digits and Iran took advantage of this peanut farmer’s ideology. These people are not exactly the best role models during our growing up years.

Now according to Morrissey, the baby boomers are in charge of the country. While this may be mostly true, it isn’t exactly true. Nancy Pelosi was born in 1940 and Harry Reid was born in 1939 Not exactly Baby Boomers but pre-baby boomers. However, John Boehner, the recent Speaker of the House, is a true baby boomer born in 1949 and he seems to be a level-headed, straight talking man who the baby boomers should be very proud of.

What the baby boomers learned while growing up is not what any of these bashing pundits claim in their articles. Our parents lived through the Great Depression and World War II. We were taught that nothing is given to us, but that we have to work for everything.  God, country, freedom and family were the four important things to live for. We are not and were not demanding children but enjoyed the prosperity and simple life of the country we grew up in. As for the “hippies” during the 60’s, not all baby boomers were hippies. Those people were the “nuts” who were spoiled brats. Most of them were young teenagers during this time while the “older” baby boomers were working hard to get through college and trying to earn a living. Principles taught to us by our parents.

Then Morrissey goes on to say, “Instead of sacrificing for the next generation, the boomers as a rule want the next generations to sacrifice for them. As a group, they have used their political clout to keep significant reform of entitlements and public pensions off the table until now, when it’s almost too late to fix any of them.  That may not make them the “worst” generation in America — with a few moment’s thought, one can come up with better examples — but it’s hardly a worthy successor to the generation that liberated half the world and worked for more than 40 years to liberate the other half.”

How far from the truth are his statements. Who does he think make up the Tea Party? Who does he think are declared “Independents?” The majority of the Baby Boomers still believe in our country, working hard and not asking for hand-outs and that’s what has made this country great. Before these misthinking pundits want to bash the Baby Boomer generation, talk to them to find out what they really stand for. Why not look at what is happening now to find out why this country is in such bad shape. Don’t blame any generation, blame today’s leaders for all of these problems because present leaders are not all Baby Boomers.

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Let S Bash The Baby Boomer Generation For Todays Problems…

[…]I'm tired of pundit writers bashing the Baby Bomers generation. Take for instance Ed Morisey's latest article on HotAir.[…]…

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