Shoplifters who stole over $5million finally caught

Posted on: February 28, 2011

Shoplifting is a silent crime that has cost retailers an estimated $13.7 billion in merchandise in the U.S. from June 2009 to October 2010, according to the Centre for Retail Research in England. Surveying retailers worldwide, shoplifters cost retailers $107.3 billion in that period. The survey included 1,103 of the largest retailers in 42 countries, with $873.8 billion in combined sales.

A couple living in Portland, Oregon helped to increase those statistics by allegedly shoplifting about $5 million of merchandise from Safeway stores. What did they mostly steal? According to the crime report, they mostly stole DVDs and sold them to pawn shops. The loss prevention team of Safeway was keeping track of this couple for several years and has Richard Remington age 52 pulling off 103 thefts and his girlfriend Angela Evans age 32 stealing merchandise 75 times.

Allegedly they stole about $400,000 of merchandise a year from Safeway over a span of several years and now they face 24 counts of theft. Of course they pleaded not guilty to these crimes.

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