Credit Card fraud easily skimmed by Skimmers

Posted on: March 3, 2011

When you go to a restaurant and pay for your meal, you usually give the server your credit card. However, after you read this article, you may want to pay for your dining by taking your credit card to the cashier yourself, because a relatively inexpensive device called a “skimmer” has been used at many restaurants and mostly national restaurant chains.  

This is what happened at a local restaurant in Longmont, Colorado. The restaurant hired unscrupulous servers who only worked for tips and stole 200 customers credit card information.  They were caught and now are serving jail time.

But how did they steal the customers’ credit card information? They used a credit card skimmer that fits in the palm of a hand. When the server is out of sight he scans your card. All the information on the card’s magnetic strip is recorded. The credit card skimmer holds information from 300 credit cards, and it can take up to 100,000 swipes before it wears out.

These skimmers are easy to buy. You can find them on eBay for under a $100. They’re legal to own but not legal to use for identity theft. These skimmers are actually replacement part for machines that is used in the supermarket where you swipe your own cards. Once the crooks have about a dozen credit cards, they go online and trade the numbers with other crooks across the country.

Remember, if you find fraudulent charges on your credit card statement, you have 60 days to contact the credit card company. On day 61, those charges legitimately belong to you. After contacting the credit card company, you need to file a police report, either where the crime happened or where you live. That police report is a form of protection showing you are a victim of identity theft.

Next time when you dine out, keep an eye on your credit card and where it goes. Or you can just pay cash for your meal.


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