The worst teacher in the world!

Posted on: March 4, 2011

This article from the Associate Press is just unbelievable. According to the article, a fifth grade teacher in a small town of Gahanna, Ohio was teaching about slavery in the U.S. in her social studies class. She decided to randomly divide the students into “masters” and “slaves.” There were two black students in her class and one of the students was a “master” and the other was a “slave.” The boy who was picked as the “slave” refused to participate in a simulated slave auction and was sent back to his desk.

Of course, the mother of the black student who was designated as a “slave” was infuriated and contacted the principal of the school. The school apologized for this incident.

Who in their right mind would have a simulated slave auction to teach 5th graders about slavery?  Why would the principal even allow such an auction? Don’t teachers have to have their lesson plan approved by the principal? What were they thinking?

Slavery in the U.S. was a bad part of our history. Fifth graders can conceptually understand the atrocities of slavery and don’t need to role-play an auction activity.  I grew up in Ohio and never did any teacher that I had even thought about doing this type of activity. Discussing the issue was part of the curriculum but never role-playing it.

All this tells me is that these are the type of teachers and principals we have teaching our children and grandchildren. What a very scary thought! Teachers should teach our children about our history and how we can learn from history to make our future better. Not bring up degrading acts that a growing Republic encountered. We have to learn from our mistakes from the past and never repeat them in the future.

My vote for the worst teacher and principal of the year is this teacher and principal from Chapelfield Elementary School in Gahanna, Ohio.


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