Fashionable tongue rings can prove dangerous

Posted on: March 6, 2011

Most kids today like to make fashion statements and for many years tongue rings have been fashionable for teenagers. Instead of going through the pain of getting your tongue pierced there is a new fashion trend that can prove dangerous. The kids are now using fake tongue rings that are magnetic.

A 13-year-old girl is lucky to be alive today because of a mishap with a magnetic tongue rings. The magnetic tongue ring which is very small magnetized ball bearings gives the illusion of having a pierced tongue. This young girl accidentally swallowed the tongue ring and the magnets in the ring could have burned a hole in her intestines.

A doctor explained how this could happen by having one strong magnet in one loop of intestine and another magnet in another loop of the intestine make those magnets strong that they can bring the intestines close together and the two loops join. Slowly these magnets will burrow through the intestines and make a hole.

Of course, her mother told her not to keep the tongue rings in her mouth but as a typical teenager, she didn’t listen to her mother. However, when the young girl had to go to the hospital, I’m sure she’s listening to her mother now!

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