Democrats and the “great” Styrofoam cup caper

Posted on: March 8, 2011

With gas prices going up, the economy stuck in neutral and the federal deficit the highest it’s ever been, the Democrats in the House of Representatives have decided that the Styrofoam cups in the House cafeteria is a more important issue facing the country. When Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House she insisted that coffee cups be made of recyclable material, however when John Boehner became House Speaker he went back to Styrofoam cups, a much cheaper paper product.

In a letter to Boehner a group of Democrats complain that the Styrofoam cups in the House cafeteria could contain carcinogens and that they want to switch back to the recyclable material they had when Pelosi was in charge. These Democrats site health concerns that the Styrofoam cups could hold chemical components that could cause cancer. Once again the Democrats pull their attitude calling the switch “irresponsible” and “egregious.” They cite health concerns of constituents and visitors to the Hill who eat in the cafeteria would be impacted by this “short-sighted” decision –typical rhetoric for the Democrats.

They then go on to say that toxicology studies claim polystyrene contains “possible human carcinogens” and could present other health challenges, such as headaches, hearing loss, central nervous system dysfunction and difficulty sleeping. Too late, it seems that most of the Democrat Representatives already have hearing loss and central nervous system dysfunction.

Furthermore, they say that “eliminating polystyrene-related health impacts will result in fewer lost work days and lower health insurance costs for the House and its staff. This benefit alone should outweigh any cost savings from using polystyrene containers.”

Republicans have downplayed the harmful health and environmental effects of Styrofoam and said that the composting program in place under Pelosi cost too much money and did not do enough to bring down energy consumption.

If this Styrofoam cup caper is so important to the Democrats in the House, people we are in big trouble. They just don’t get the big picture of saving money and cutting the budget. I’m all for working at staying healthy but you don’t eat the cups – you drink from it. The question should be how many Styrofoam cups does it take to cause cancer?

Come on Democrats, move on to more important issues and bring your own coffee cup.


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