Showering got a stupid criminal in trouble

Posted on: March 8, 2011

Just like in the movie “Psycho” directed by Alfred Hitchcock, this stupid criminal decided that after he broke into a house he would take a shower but the outcome was different from the movie. There was no crime committed in the shower. The criminal made sure of that.

The not the brightest bulb in the pack criminal broke into a home in Portland, Oregon and was taking a shower when the homeowner returned with his two very big German Shepard dogs. The homeowner asked the man what he was doing and the criminal locked the bathroom door. Then the criminal called 911 because he was afraid that the homeowner had a gun and may shoot him.

The homeowner also called the police and when they arrived with their dog they arrested the criminal. He was booked into jail for investigation of first-degree criminal trespass.

Now most people would think that this criminal needed a place to clean up after breaking into a home. That’s hard work and probably dirty work as well. However, if you came home and found a stranger in your bathroom taking a shower what would you do?


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