Scammers using text messages to steal your identity

Posted on: March 9, 2011

Most banks today have offered the service to text message to your phone or computer if your balance is low or if there is a problem with your account. You see these commercials on TV every day and while this is a great idea, scammers have picked up on this as another way to steal your money.

Recently, in the Denver, Colorado metro area, customers received a text message from what they thought was a Sooper Credit Union saying that their card had been deactivated and if they wanted to activate their card, text back to them their credit card number. The number to text back to was a local number. This should have been a red flag warning because it was a scammer trying to steal credit card information and identity.

The Better Business Bureau receives reports of about two to seven scams every week. Scammers adapt and know what people will and won’t fall victim to. However, people are now getting more cautious about scams like this but criminals are getting more inventive in ways to steal money.

Remember, your bank or credit union will never ask for your credit or debit card number by telephone, e-mail or text message. They send a letter to you and ask you to stop by to talk to someone at the bank.

Once again, this scam shows that these thieves are always looking for new ideas to steal identities. They must sit around smoking dope and thinking up ideas of how to steal other peoples’ hard earned money instead of looking for a real job.

That is why whenever there is an announced scam; this web blog will alert you of these criminal activities.


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