Has Nancy Pelosi finally lost her mind?

Posted on: March 11, 2011

With Vice President Joe Biden out of the country, it seems that Nancy Pelosi has taken over the role of saying gaffes and incredible statements while he is gone. But for the last several years, she has always been saying “strange” things like passing Obamacare to see what is in it and of course her statement of the “word” is the “word.”

Now her latest statement has convinced me that she has truly lost her mind. Hot Air has reported that during a press conference at the Capitol Hill celebrating the first anniversary of the health care bill’s passage, Pelosi said, “There’s a cut in funding for the National Institutes of Health. This is not a healthy thing for our country because that research has answers. You know that every family in America is one telephone call, one diagnosis, one accident away from needing the kind of biomedical research that can cure–really have the biblical power to cure in a very, very special way and so to cut back on that research is wrong.”

She made this statement while bashing the GOP cuts to the NIH. The House Republicans are only proposing to cut NIH’s budget. They aren’t closing down the NIH, but cutting back on its funding in FY2011 by $1 billion.  That would actually return the NIH to the same level of funding they received last year, $31 billion, as the NIH asked for an increase of $997 million.  In other words, the “cut” is almost entirely — 99.7% — a decision not to increase funding.  Furthermore, NIH got along fine in FY2009 with $30 billion, and managed to do its “biblical” work with $28 billion in FY2006, FY2007, and FY2008.

In addition, the NIH doesn’t actually cure anyone directly, as they don’t treat patients. The NIH acts as a clearinghouse for medical research, and a funding agency for some of that research as well as researchers themselves.  That’s not to say that their work isn’t important or needless, but they’re not laying on hands at the NIH. As for the NIH doing its “biblical power”, as anyone who reads the bible knows that this power comes from God through laying of the hands and not from laying of greenbacks on bureaucrats.

Now don’t you think Nancy Pelosi has finally lost her mind?


2 Responses to "Has Nancy Pelosi finally lost her mind?"

Being a liberal means that you are exempt from the truth and rational thought. All you have to do is speak in feelings and as we all know feelings are rarely based upon truth or facts
John Wilder

THANKS FOR POSTING THIS! I always enjoy visiting your page!

Common Cents

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