The disaster in Japan bringing out scammers

Posted on: March 13, 2011

The American people are the most generous people in the world. When a disaster strikes, as what happened in Japan, we are the first ones to pull out our wallet and donate to help others in need. Unfortunately, low-life scammers are counting on your generosity of giving.  Both the Better Business Bureau and a local Colorado organization, can help you to be safe.

As one local Colorado TV station tells us, scammers are using many different ways to steal your money. Through text messaging, phone calls, setting up websites or spam e-mails, scammers want to take your money for themselves. One place scammers seem to swarm to are social media websites. They also set up a fake charity by imitating a legitimate charity. The Red Cross has seen this happen many times. In addition, never give out your information via phone to any so-called charity, always ask them to mail you the information or just hang up.

Remember, anything that’s unsolicited, any unsolicited e-mail, text, phone call, even door-to-door might be a scam. If you want to donate to a charity that helps the people in Japan, pick a charity you can trust. Go through their website and never click on a posted link you may get from an e-mail or from social media. You want to know exactly how a charity is going to get aid to Japan to help the victims.


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