Major crisis throughout the world and what is our President doing?

Posted on: March 15, 2011

With the crisis in the Middle East, U.S. budget problems and the horrible tragedy in Japan with earthquakes, tsunami and nuclear melt-down, you would expect that the President of the United States is staying on top of all of this.

What is President Obama doing today? According to Jim Gerahty of National Review Online outlines what President Obama is doing.

“President Obama is taping his NCAA picks today, and they’ll be revealed tomorrow on ESPN. Okay, that’s not all he’s doing. Obama will tape interviews from the Map Room with KOAT Albuquerque, KDKA Pittsburgh and WVEC Hampton Roads on education reform and the need to fix No Child Left Behind.

Japan faces an almost unparalleled crisis, Libya is in civil war, and we’re having another budget showdown after running up a $222.5 billion deficit in the 28 days of February. And after last week’s bullying summit, Obama is spending this week talking education reform.

UPDATE: I spoke too soon. Of course he’s taking an easy schedule today; he was working hard last night:

President Obama made his first major fund-raising pitch for his 2012 re-election on Monday night when he met with about 50 backers—some involved in his 2008 campaign and others who are considered potential major supporters.

Obama met with the group at the St. Regis Hotel at 7:30 p.m. EST at an event organized by the Democratic National Committee, which is the political arm of the Obama operation for now since “official” Obama re-election papers have yet to be filed with the Federal Election Commission. No money for the 2012 re-elect can be collected until Obama files with the FEC. Any pledges obtained at the DNC reception Monday night–it is a DNC event–goes to the DNC. But since the main purpose of the DNC at this stage is to support Obama’s programs and re-election–it is a difference without a major distinction.”

So there you have it. What he has done was sending Secretary of State Clinton to talk to Egypt, he’s left the no-fly zone issue up to the U.N, left the budget up to Congress to fix and what he is doing for Japan, who knows? He says that his heart is broken about the tragedy in Japan but whose isn’t? Is President Obama leading or delegating his responsibilities so he can have more time to “focus” on his priorities which is unfortunately is not our priorities.

2 Responses to "Major crisis throughout the world and what is our President doing?"

Can we spell utterly incompetent? What do you expect from a man who has never had a private sector job, never run a business or had to meet a payroll and in his very short senate experience overwhelmingly voted present at roll call votes on important issues and they had the nerve to say that Sara Palin had little experience. She and her husband have run businesses, she has had executive experience being a mayor and a governer. She made the oil guys do business honestly instead of accepting bribes under the table.

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