Bill Maher’s “joke” about Sarah Palin – where is the outrage from Women’s groups?

Posted on: March 22, 2011

When Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a dumb tw**t in one of his so called comedy routines on HBO last Friday, where was the outrage from the Women’s group like NOW – National Organization for Women? Bill Maher is a misogynistic pig and a total idiot. His brand of “humor” is divisive and not even funny. Yet, there is no outrage from any group especially from NOW.

However, other women’s groups and publications did protest against this. Women’s Media Center and Women Magazine called Maher out for his poor taste in humor. Widespread sexism in the media is one of the top problems facing women, and seriously affects women in politics. By insulting her gender, rather than her platform or stance on issues, he insults women as a group.

In fact, this brand of humor is junior high stuff that little boys giggle at. A mature man would never talk that way about any woman. Maher’s juvenile attempt to humor is not funny to anyone, except to entire media-academia-entertainment complex who think they are superior to everyone.

That includes NOW. I thought they are for all women and not for a chosen few. NOW has lost all respect from any sound-minded thinking woman. Perhaps NOW hasn’t come to Palin’s defense because the group agrees with Maher. After all, NOW didn’t have a problem with someone on California Gov. Jerry Brown’s campaign staff calling his Republican opponent Meg Whitman a ‘whore.’ NOW has become irrelevant and should close their doors. If they can’t support all women no matter what their political agenda is, then they should not be in business.

The best way to get NOW out of business is not to give any money to them. Cancel your subscription, stop your donations, demand your money back and leave their organization. This organization is hypocritical; show them that they don’t represent fair-minded, intelligent women.


2 Responses to "Bill Maher’s “joke” about Sarah Palin – where is the outrage from Women’s groups?"

I have talked to many feminists about this and they all admit that they don’t support all women, they only support women who supprt their agenda. They are esepcially hostile to Christian women which would answer the questioni about why they did not defend Sarah Palin or Ms Carrie Prejean when a militant homosexual in the media called her a stupid c**t.

Blessings on you and yours
John Wilder

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