New governor of Colorado has new ideas

Posted on: March 29, 2011

John Hickenlooper was elected governor of Colorado recently, and during his early days in office it seems that he is breaking the mold of what a Democrat governor usually does, or is he? He wants to run the state’s government as more “effective, efficient and elegant.” Now I don’t know what “elegant” means when it comes to government work but Hickenlooper used to be a private business owner before he got into politics. Even in the private business, I never heard running your business as “elegant.”

However, it seems that Hickenlooper is shaking up the state government from his predecessor, Bill Ritter who was also a Democrat. He wants to have 100 senior managers in Colorado government reapply for their jobs.

This includes directors of Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and Colorado Lottery. Hickenlooper states that he wants to have the right talent in the right places. Is this secret code for “people that agree with him” and perhaps part of his political persuasion?

You see, the senior executive service, or SES, employees are contract workers who receive up to 25 percent higher pay than other managers. In exchange, they give up protections afforded classified state employees. Their contracts must be renewed annually. State law allows no more than 125 SES positions. Currently there are 96 such employees. However, prior governors didn’t require reapplying for jobs in the past. Hickenlooper seems to be breaking the mold on this one.

Even though Hickenlooper has been governor for a short time, it is difficult to see if he will run Colorado as a spend and tax Democrat. He actually seems to care about the state and the direction it is going. Maybe he will be a good governor after all – or will he?


2 Responses to "New governor of Colorado has new ideas"

Hickenlooper is a true conservative, which makes him a Democrat. Republicans are neoconservatives, which is a far right radical cult-like organization.

I’ve heard of Blue Dog Democrats who are conservative but never a true conservative Democrat. There are also conservative Republicans and neoconservative Republicans as well as RINO’s – Republican in name only. That is why what Hickenlooper is doing is rather confusing to me, is he a conservative or a Blue Dog? Either way if he does good things for the state of Colorado then he is an okay guy by me. Just don’t want him to get his “buddies” in the system that may hurt the state.

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