Second week of Dancing with the Stars improving

Posted on: March 29, 2011

The second week of Dancing with the Stars showed us that the stars are really improving. It seems most of them were committed to improve and the most improved star was Chris Jericho. Wow! He looked just like a dancer and not a wrestler. Cheryl Burke is a great teacher and Chris followed her instructions. His Quick Step was clean and crisp and yes, he does have rhythm. Keep it up Chris you may go far in this competition.

The other stars looked good but Romeo’s Quick Step was awesome. He was light on his feet and had excellent musicality. I think this is going to be a tough competition down the road.

The two stars that weren’t so good were Mick Catherwood and Wendy Williams. I like Mike Catherwood, he kept his sarcasm down and looked like he was working hard but his Jive feel short of any type of musicality. He looked like he was struggling with the dance steps as well as with the rhythm.

What can I say about Wendy Williams? Her Quick Step wasn’t quick and she didn’t look good at all. At least Kirstie Alley’s Quick Step was quick and she kept up the performance until the end. Yes, she did slowdown in the middle of the dance, but when you are carrying all that weight and at her “age” don’t expect her to be light as a butterfly. Did you catch what she said? Her goal on the show is to lose 40 pounds. When Max told her that the Quick Step can take off 20 pounds she said “winning!” Ha, she is a funny, funny gal.

Sugar Ray Leonard was also just a little too slow for his Jive and I thought Ralph Macchio’s Jive was herky-jerky. The Jive is definitely not his dance.

I was so glad that Chelsea Kane and Mark didn’t end up wearing a bear costume like last season, but did a mime routine. I didn’t care for his interpretation of the Jive and neither did Carrie Anne or Len. But Bruno loved it. What can I say?

Brooke Burke’s dress last night was gorgeous. She looked fantastic. Her black sequined cocktail dress with long sleeves made her look perfect as a co-host role in the show. I’m for all different styles but as a co-host she shouldn’t be the center of attention but compliment the show. That is what her dress did last night.

My prediction on who may be leaving tonight? It is either Mick Catherwood or Wendy Williams.


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