Dancing with the Stars – first Results show

Posted on: March 30, 2011

To no one’s surprise, Mike Catherwood was eliminated last night. At least he still had a smile on his face and wasn’t rude when he was told he was the first one to leave.

Did you hear Chris Brown’s songs last night? To me it sounded like he was lip synching his songs. I guess when you dance and jump around as much as he did, you can’t sing. Quite frankly, he is either a singer or dancer but not both. Guess that is the new singers today.

Brook Burke’s white strapless dress was different. I’m not into puffy dresses and that’s what she was wearing. Heck, even my granddaughter didn’t like the dress; she said that it looked like little tiles on her dress and not very fashionable. My granddaughter has good taste in clothes you know.

With 10 stars left in the competition, they better bring their “A” game to the competition next week.


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