Bank robber is grammatically challenged

Posted on: March 31, 2011

Another stupid criminal but this time we know that he flunked third grade English grammar. A bank robber from Fridley, Minnesota gave a TCF Bank teller in a Cub Foods store a note that read: “Give money, I gun.” When the teller said that she didn’t understand the note and what he wanted, he told her to give him all the money and don’t push any buttons.

The smart teller started to fidget with the keys to her cash drawer but the robber said that he was armed and put his left hand in his jacket pocket. The teller than handed over $1,991, recorded bait bills and a concealed electronic tracking device. The robber put the money in his jacket and took off on foot.

This is where it gets really good. He was patiently standing at a nearby bus stop when the police caught up to him. Officers ordered him to take his hands out of his pocket and hit the ground. He refused, prompting the officers to take him down and cuff him. The money, bait bills and tracking device were found on him.

As a result, the man has pleaded guilty in federal court, because bank robbery is a federal offense. He has a long criminal history that includes convictions in Minneapolis for felony robbery, felony domestic assault, and gross misdemeanors for domestic assault and assault. He’s now a four time loser.

Maybe while he’s in jail – for a long time – he will take a refresher English grammar course so at his next heist he won’t look so stupid!


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