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If you were buying illegal drugs and the dealer robbed you instead, would you call the police? Obviously, a man from Colorado Springs, Colorado did.

A few days ago this man was buying drugs from a dealer but instead of getting drugs for his bucks he was robbed of $35 in cash, his cell phone and $40 worth of drugs. The next day the man saw the dealer and called police to tell him that the drug dealer was a thief. The police arrested the dealer and two other people with the dealer.

This should show drug dealers that they can’t steal from a buyer. Bad enough you provide them with drugs but don’t touch their stuff.

Why does the State Department allow Jimmy Carter to travel? Don’t they know that when he visits third world countries he is only going to open his mouth and insert foot?

Recently,Jimmy Carter visited North Korea and came out with this asinine statement: The U.S. and South Korea are violating North Koreans’ human rights by withholding food. If you go to the link provided in the previous sentence you can see the YouTube of Mr. Carter’s statement.

Carter is behaving more as a citizen of the world instead of a citizen of the U.S. This trip was not part of the State Department visit but he was there as part of a delegation from “The Elders,” an elite team of ex-statesmen who travel the world sharing this type of wisdom. Why don’t “The Elders” stick with a golfing weekend instead? A nice golfing weekend with the “elders” would save face for the country.

Ironically, Kim Jong wouldn’t meet with Jimmy Carter but that didn’t stop the old peanut farmer from his ridiculous remarks. However, Kim Jong did say that he is willing to meet with either South Korea or the U.S. to talk disarmament and other matters. I guess when your people are hungry Kim is willing to talk to anybody about anything.

But now Carter blew it by calling out the U.S. and South Korea for violating North Korean’s human rights by withholding food. Thanks a bunch Jimmy. We aren’t violating human rights; it’s called “leverage” and would save a lot more lives than the alternative that North Korea is offering.

Just like Nancy Pelosi said, “You have to pass this legislation to find out what’s in it,” House Republicans have uncovered a section of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) an unlimited slush fund. Thanks go to the Freedom  Works site that uncovered this slush fund.

In Section 1311(a) the U.S. Treasury can be used for anything the President wants to spend taxpayer money on, under the guise of “activities related to establishing” Obamacare health benefit exchanges. Even though this slush fund ends in 2015, it provides absolutely no limit on how much can be spent before then, and only the vaguest guidance on how it’s spent.

Under Mr. Obama’s approval, Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), Kathleen Sebelius, is already busy using this uncapped fund to seduce states into collaborating in the implementation of Obamacare. She’s issued nearly $50 million in grants to help states “plan and evaluate” how they’ll set up exchanges by 2014 as the law requires them to do.

But that’s just the beginning. Dr. Donald Berwick, the chief administrator of Medicare and Medicaid, has hinted at even more ambitious plans to tap the slush fund to bail out state governments, which are currently groaning under out-of-control Medicaid spending.

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) has confirmed that the “state-based exchange grants” fund is an “indefinite
appropriation,” meaning it’s open-ended and requires no further action by Congress to be tapped by the President. This means the President could increase the cost of his health care law by not just billions, but hundreds of billions,of dollars, unilaterally.

Thankfully, the House of Representatives have caught this slush fund and are planning to vote on a bill next week to shut it off. The
Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates if a bill shutting off this slush fund would save taxpayers about $14 billion over the next 10 years; but this is only a guess on the agency’s part. The savings could be much greater, because the slush fund is not subject to any controls or meaningful limits.

Under our Constitution, only Congress has the power of the purse. This part of the bill formally delegates to the President the power to appropriate funds from the Treasury without oversight or limit. It breaches the separation of powers which is constitutional.

For those of you, who think you can make a quick buck providing medical marijuana dispensaries, be aware that you may just face
Federal prosecution because smoking, growing and dispensing marijuana is still a federal crime.

Recently, Colorado Attorney General John Suthers has warned state leaders that the U.S. Attorney does not focus its limited resources on seriously ill individuals using marijuana as part of a medically recommended treatment regimen but it will “vigorously prosecute individuals or organizations engaged in “unlawful manufacturing and distribution activities involving marijuana, even is such activities are permitted under state law.”

Colorado is just the one of the latest states to receive warnings from the federal government. In fact Federal agents recently raided
state sanctioned dispensaries in Montana, Michigan and California. In addition, the warning from the feds also includes state employees who conducted activities mandated by a state legislative proposals would not be immune from
liability under the (federal Controlled Substances Act). This means if state legislators approve any legislation contrary to Federal law, state employees may face federal sanctions against them.

This leaves many states between a rock and a hard place. What will they do about voter approved medical marijuana laws when state legislators may face these charges? Currently, Colorado has about 123,000 registered medical marijuana patients and dispensaries booming throughout the state per day.

Once again, no one thought out the consequences of legalizing medical marijuana use, growing and dispensing. Marijuana is still illegal and considered a Federal crime.

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As most of you know by now, President Obama released his Hawaiian birth certificate and calling questions about the authenticity of the  document a distraction from bigger issues by “sideshows and carnival  barkers.”  He told reporters, “We do not have time for this kind of silliness. We’ve got better stuff to do. I’ve got better stuff to do,” Obama said. “We’ve got big problems to solve, and I’m confident we can solve them, but we’re going to have to focus on them, not on this.”

You know he’s right. He should focus on the stuff that is now on his plate.

  1. Gasoline prices that are over $4 a gallon in some parts of the United States
  2. Sell his plan to cut tax breaks for oil and gas companies
  3. Convince Congress to raise the debt ceiling before the U.S. hits its limit, likely in mid-May
  4. Shake-up his national security advisers
  5. Juggle wars and ongoing protests in the Middle East
  6. Negotiate a 2012 budget that both creates jobs and cuts spending

But what is he doing today? He is heading to Chicago to help his pal Oprah Winfrey wrap up her syndicated talk show.
Then he is going to New York with his first fundraising sweep of the city with three Democratic Party fundraisers.

Yup, that’s more important “stuff” to do. Run the country – nah – that’s next week when Congress is back in session. No wonder he wasn’t invited to the royal wedding he’s such a busy, busy guy.

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After two plus years of skepticism and cries for proof, President Obama released a valid birth certificate. You can look at it here.

Now that wasn’t so bad was it? The birth certificate shows what all valid birth certificates show with signatures. The Certificate of Live Birth is never accepted by legal authority and that is what Obama offered as his birth certificate. Who cares if a Certificate of Live Birth is what Hawaii produces. If you are running for President of the United States, provide the correct legal document requested from most if all states.

I listened to Donald Trump take credit for this result. I listened to President Obama’s snarky remarks about this situation. He basically called Donald Trump a “carnival barker” but in the same breathe he said that he didn’t like any vilification of the situation. Obama and his double-speak so typical for a narcissist and arrogant elitist.

So let’s get on with the debates about the deficit and debt, Libya, gasoline prices and where are the jobs Mr. President?

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Last night’s Dancing with the Stars eliminated another rising dance star – Chris Jericho. It was sad but now the competition is getting really tough. Chris was an up and coming dancer and Cheryl did her best to get him there. Unfortunately, viewers didn’t think he was good enough to continue.

Before The Results Show a pre-Results show was aired. It was pretty lame with comments from judges and former stars on each of the competitors. Heck Brooke Burke didn’t even show up for this one that’s how lame it was.

For those of you of the 70’s you probably loved listening to the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block singing on The Results Show. This isn’t my cup of tea – as Len would say – but it was a nice break from unknown singers performing on the show. Brooke showed up wearing a black sequined/rhinestone short dress with elbow length sleeves. She looked gorgeous but come on wardrobe person, she can wear other colors beside black or purple or gray. It’s spring and let’s dress her up with some color.

Next week the stars will be performing two dances and I know in a couple of weeks lifts will be allowed. I wonder how Maks will handle a lift with Kirstie? Hope he doesn’t hurt himself again. Ralph Macchio, Romeo, Hines Ward, Chelsea Kane, Kirstie Alley and Kendra Wilkinson are left to perform. Good luck to all of them.

You can’t make this stuff up folks. The former Obama Adviser Van Jones (he was the “green jobs czar”) is helping to push for a new, global architecture of environmental law that would give Mother Nature the same rights status as humans.

Van Jones is the newest board members of an obscure San Francisco New Age-style organization known as Pachamama Alliance. This group is working on creating a global movement to make human rights for Mother Nature an international reality — complete with enforceable laws — by 2014.

If you think this is whacky, the U.N. is also sponsoring a global summit on “sustainable development” to take place in Rio de Janeiro next May. They will be looking at similar issues of “global environmental governance.” Another useless cause when so many people are starving in the world.

So what is his newest organization planning to do? The Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature “is working to build a movement of millions of educated and inspired individuals, with thousands of successful cases of enforceable Rights of Nature legislation having been enacted at local and national levels, by the end of 2014.

The group also is running a parallel media campaign, called “Four Years. Go.,” to build enthusiasm for the same rapid environmental change, using “personal communication, social media and a rich web presence to inspire a movement of people who recognize the urgency, and the opportunity, of this time and stand for using the next four years, through 2014, to literally change the course of history.”

Jones has continued to advocate by organizing a radical “green” restructuring of the U.S. economy as a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, a think tank closely associated with financier George Soros, and at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson Center for International Affairs.

The movement that Jones has joined shares its goals with some of the more radical governments represented at the United Nations, notably Ecuador and Bolivia, both nations with substantial territories in the Amazon Basin, and both with close ties to the socialist government of Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez.

Bolivia last week sponsored an “interactive dialogue” on “Harmony With Nature” at the United Nations that included promotion of the same notion of a Universal Declaration of Human Rights for Mother Nature. By no coincidence, the U.N. debate was scheduled immediately prior to this year’s April 22 Earth Day celebrations—renamed “Mother Earth Day,” at the United Nations.

In January, Bolivia became the world’s first nation to grant the natural environment equal rights to humans. Bolivia’s Law of Mother Earth is heavily influenced by the spiritual indigenous Andean world outlook that revolves around the earth deity Pachamama, roughly translated to Mother Earth.

The Bolivian law establishes 11 rights for nature that include: the right to life and to exist; the right to pure water and clean air; the right to not have cellular structure modified or genetically altered; the right to have nature’s processes free from human alteration. The law also establishes a Ministry of Mother Earth to act as an ombudsman, which will ensure nature is “not being affected my mega-infrastructure and development projects that affect the balance of ecosystems and the local inhabitant communities.”

The right to life and to exist for Mother Nature is a noble cause but what about human right to life and to exist? What will pro-abortionist say about that? I’m all for being responsible for our environment but to establish laws and obviously punishment for not abiding by the law is totally irresponsible.  Mother Nature provides sustenance to humans and we should honor her by being good stewards of the land. However, we don’t need to have laws to tell us this. Logging companies cut down older trees and replace them with new trees – otherwise they won’t have trees to log in the future. That doesn’t take a progressive organization to figure that one out.

The sad part of all of this is these people get paid the big bucks to tell us what not to do when common sense should prevail.

Last night’s Dancing with the Stars featured dances to songs that the stars secretly enjoy hearing. But once again they had to dance to a Samba, Paso Dobla, Waltz, Quick Step, or Tango. All the stars did really well but there were some slip ups.

Karina slipped on Ralph’s long coat while dancing and she fell pretty hard. But she jumped up and kept on dancing. The judges gave Ralph’s Paso Dobla a score of 24 and that’s being generous. I’m not excited about his dancing these last few weeks. It seems that besides the dance steps there are no actual performance from him. He seems deadpanned, his serious face seems more like a scared face to me!

No mishaps for Kirstie Alley’s Samba. She did really great and received a score of 26 from the judges. She looked more comfortable with this dance and it was the best dance for her so far.

Romeo’s Waltz was good but once again I didn’t get any emotion from him. However, Carrie Anne must have because she gave him a 10 and Len and Bruno gave him nines. Total score was 28.

Hines Ward’s Waltz was very good and he is doing very well with his performance and technique. He received a score of 27.

Chelsea Kane’s Quick Step was cute and bubbly and Carrie Anne must have been feeling very generous last night because she gave her a 10. Her total score was 28.

Unfortunately, Chris Jericho’s Tango was not good enough for the judges. I saw a real athleticism from him but the judged gave him a low score of 22.

Kendra Wilkinson’s Samba gave Bruno the most fun of the night. He was ready to throw money at her! I thought he was over the top with his reaction and his comments. Her performance was good and shaking all parts of her body but that’s about it. The judges gave her a score of 25.

Brooke Burke wore a long black sparkly dress with capped shoulders. She looked gorgeous again. Just a side note – it was Len’s birthday yesterday and I think he enjoyed himself with all the good dancing.

So who will be leaving? I’m afraid it may be Chris Jericho but I really think Ralph Macchio isn’t hitting the mark for this season’s dancing. He needs to leave the show before the final four in a couple of weeks. Also Kendra isn’t really a top contender, her days are numbered too.

As everyone knows, gas prices are rising so what does our President do? He launches another task force that is joining his deficit commission and other deficit commission to get to the bottom of why gas prices are rising. Anyone with half a brain could tell Mr. Obama that the rise in gas prices is due to his poor leadership to do something about it.

Ed Morrissey’s article on lays out some ideas of what Mr. Obama thinks is the cause – the role of traders and speculators (sounds like a Bill O’Reilly conspiracy theory to me). So while Rome is burning, Nero fiddles and lets someone else come up with answers. Mr. Morrissey also thinks that the White House believes the problem centers on waste, fraud and abuse which is a bunch of hooey!

Once again Obama is deflecting his responsibility as leader of this country. Remember when he appointed a deficit commission and didn’t even listen to their recommendations? Why would he do so now with another commission or task force?

This is no way to run a country by pushing the leadership on “commissions” or “task forces” and not taking the lead.

I believe there are at least two causes for high gas prices. First cause is the Administration discourages domestic production (and refining) of American crude.  This administration in particular has been more hostile than most to the domestic oil industry. Second cause is the value of the dollar dropping in the world market. The value of our dollar is falling and thus causing more of our dollars to buy gasoline as well as other commodities.

Whose fault is this -the current Administration because of its policies. There I’ve discovered the reasons and now Mr. President take the lead to solve the problem. That’s why we pay you the big bucks!