Posted on: April 6, 2011

Dancing with the Stars – The Results Show

Last night’s Dancing with the Stars – The Results Show – confirmed my prediction: Wendy Williams was sent home. She wasn’t very good and I could not see her stepping it up to perform. She said that she may not win Dancing with the Stars on her performance but would win on her personality. Well that didn’t get her very far.

The Results Show was typical but had some performers on the show that you may not have heard before. Selena Gomez is a teen star with Disney and performs in tweens shows. I only know about her because my granddaughter watches her show, “The Wizards of Waverly Place.”

The other performers were the rock band “One Republic” from Colorado Springs, Colorado. And you thought all the music performers from Colorado do country! No, we also like rock and roll.

Brooke Burke’s dress was gorgeous. The deep green/blue of her short off the shoulder dress made her look awesome. I even liked some of the puffiness at the top of the dress.

With nine stars remaining, next week’s dances should be fun to watch. Sugar Ray Leonard, Romeo, and Chris Jericho need to kick it up a notch to stay in this season’s competition.


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