Who’s to blame for a Government shut-down?

Posted on: April 7, 2011

Just about every station you watch, the blame for a Government shut-down is myopic. One station claims that the Republicans are at fault, another says the Democrats and still another blames the President. The fact is that if the Democrats who held a majority in both the House and Senate last year passed a budget before the November election, there wouldn’t have been this crisis.

Do you wait 5 months to decide what bills to pay for this year? Of course not! It seems that the Democrats last year were playing a political game – blame game – knowing that they would lose the majority in the House and let the Republicans do their dirty work. And where was President Obama on all of this? Why didn’t he demand a budget from Congress last year? Was he part of this political blame game?

What you need to understand is that passing Continuing Resolutions don’t help the government run. They are short-term and just like everyone else; they need to have a budget for the full year. But the Democrats failed to do their job because they love to point fingers at the Republicans and even the “Tea Party” folks blaming them for cutting budgets and causing children and old people to go hungry. Just the same-old-same-old talking points from the progressives on their side.

And when you see Harry Reid talk about the problems they are having in agreeing on the budget, it just makes me sick. Once again, blame, blame, and blame the Republicans and “Tea Party” Republicans. You know Harry Reid doesn’t want to defund the Cowboy Poetry in his state or even NPR because he learns so much from that station. Oh please, get cable and you’ll have a whole new world open up to you –like the History Channel, Discovery Channel, NATGEO, etc. But maybe he’s too cheap to pay for these stations!

If the Government does shut-down, I’m blaming Harry Reid and his Senator Democrat buddies of obstructionism. The budget is only for 6 more months. Come on Harry give in and do the right thing.


1 Response to "Who’s to blame for a Government shut-down?"

I hate willful ignorance and the democrats are willfully ignorant and like a bunch of two year olds who are total narcissists.

John Wilder

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