Dancing with the Stars – Classical week

Posted on: April 12, 2011

Last night’s show featured classical music that the stars danced either the Waltz or Paso Dobla. This is no easy task to do. Some of the music wasn’t made for dancing to just to listening to. However, most of the stars accomplished some really nice dances and I applaud them.

Then there were several stars that really didn’t shine. Kendra Wilkinson seemed too stiff and her technical ability was not very good for the Waltz she performed. She danced to Sarah Brighton’s song, “Time to say Goodbye.” Now if memory serves me right, “Time To Say Goodbye was a duet with Sarah Brighton and Andrea Bocelli. A beautiful love song that has nothing to do with the idea of a mafia as Kendra thought it was. First mistake of the night and of course the second mistake was her dancing to this lovely song. The judges agreed with me and gave her the lowest score of the night -18.

How many times does Kirstie Alley have to mess up before she gets her performance right? Last week, Maks fell and last night Kirstie’s shoe came off! Her Waltz was helter-skelter, the judges were kind to her and gave her a score of 22, but if she continues down this path, she has to go. When you see all the other stars work very hard and perform almost flawlessly, these malfunctions cannot keep going on with Kirstie. Her confidence level is very low and I hope she gets out of this “funk” she is in. She can dance and perform but it seems if anything is going to happen it will happen to Kirstie.

I’m a little disappointed in Sugar Ray Leonard and his Waltz. It wasn’t a true Waltz and as Bruno said it looked like it was the dance of the sugar plum fairy!

As for Petra’s Paso Dobla, her technicality on this dance wasn’t very good. She wasn’t consistent and I can’t believe anybody doesn’t have a mad or angry face. Nobody can be that happy! I think she’s on shaky grounds with the fans.

I loved Brooke Burke’s evening gown – a subtle cream color long gown with an accent of black sequins on the shoulder and waist. Very elegant and nicely done.

Who is on the chopping block for tonite? My prediction is Kendra Wilkinson. Last week it was too much smoke this week it was just plain terrible dancing.

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