Who writes President Obama’s speeches?

Posted on: April 14, 2011

As many of you know, I have been very critical of support staff for high-profile people in the media, i.e. wardrobe designer for Brooke Burke on Dancing with the Stars. Some of the choices of the wardrobe person leave much to be desired. But now, after listening to many speeches by President Obama, I am going after the speech writer(s).

Mark Steyn from the National Review has hit the nail on the head in his article “Cometh the Hour, Punteth the Man.”  As Mr. Steyn eloquently said, “Politicians are often eager to feed the impression that solving the problem is just a matter of eliminating waste and abuse — that tackling the deficit issue won’t require tough choices. Yeah, right. Why don’t we start by eliminating whatever dope got paid to write that sentence?”

He goes on to say that yesterday’s speech fails Rich’s “What’s yours?” test. Obama declared to the world that this administration has no plan, and has no plan to plan on getting a plan anytime soon. That is so right that I’m getting tired of hearing all about his “Hope and Change” and “Winning the Future” buzz words that he uses all the time.

Obama complains that our educational system is not up to par when compared to South Korea because the U.S. doesn’t spend enough money to educate our kids. Mark Steyn points out that according to the most recent OECD figures (2007), the Koreans spent $5,437 per primary-school pupil; we spent $10,229. For education as a whole, the Koreans spent $7,325 per pupil; we spent $14,269. They not only “outpace our kids in math and science”; they do it by only spending half as much.

So which hack speechwriter wrote those ridiculous words that the President of the United States said yesterday? Where is their fact checking or how about just telling us the truth? Just because the President says it’s so, doesn’t make it right.

Finally, Mark Steyn sums up President Obama’s speech yesterday as a “litany of brain-dead slapdash rhetorical questions that for sentient beings are no longer rhetorical.”  And you know the President’s speechwriters get paid big bucks for this. But lying, twisting the truth, giving have truths, buzz words and just making up stuff is not professional and does not make the President of the United States look honest and truthful.

Fire your speechwriters Mr. President, but then they probably believe the same ideals you believe in.


5 Responses to "Who writes President Obama’s speeches?"

I would like to know what is your truth? Unfortunately, this president has been stone walled on just about all his endeavors to steer this nation away from war, and regulate the bottomless pit of private financial institutions. Ok, there are inconsistancies,and a distortion of facts, but does that make this president any worst than our past leaders?

If you are wondering what my truth is – it is finding the truth and letting my readers know it. I don’t believe the president has been stone walled as you put it. The media has potrayed him as the most brilliant President ever. However, he is not and his lies have hurt our economy. It wasn’t big financial institutes who got us in this mess it was spending by his administration and the Democrats when they controlled Congress. Every day we see how this President is not in touch with what is happening.

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I believe this proves my point.

This guy is the stupidest president we have ever had bar none.

love our president and you my dear are wrong i would never ever vote for these republican clowns we have OBAMA 2012!!!

I respect your misguided opinion and hope you continue to visit my conservative web blog in the future.

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