Why I am against in-state-tuition status for illegal immigrant students.

Posted on: April 18, 2011

Recently, the Colorado State Senate gave final approval to a bill that would grant in-state-tuition status to illegal immigrants who graduate from Colorado schools. All twenty Senate Democrats voted in favor of the bill and all fifteen Republicans voted against it. The bill is still not approved because it now goes to the House where Republicans hold a one-vote majority.

Colorado’s Senate Bill 126 would allow illegal immigrant students to qualify for in-state tuition if they meet certain criteria, such as attending a Colorado high school for at least three years and graduating from a state school. It requires that students sign an affidavit with a college saying they are trying to obtain legal residency, a provision that other states have included in their legislation.

The latest Colorado bill is different from past versions because it makes illegal immigrant students ineligible for a state stipend that in-state tuition students can use at a college of their choice. That means illegal immigrants would still pay more than others who get in-state tuition.

Why should it matter whether you are a Democrat or a Republican to vote against this bill? Because this bill only gives false promises, false hopes and it’s just a political gesture of pure symbolism.  There are many reasons why this is not a good bill.

First of all this bill still won’t allow illegal immigrant students to legally get jobs in this country when they graduate from college. Secondly, federal law states that illegal immigrants cannot receive a benefit not given to U.S. citizens. Republicans who opposed the bill said taxpayers would still be subsidizing college for illegal immigrants because having additional students will lead to higher operating costs — an argument Democrats dispute. Democrats’ claim that having more students attend state colleges, regardless of their immigration status, would be an economic boon for the state. But where would these students get their money for tuition? Would they be eligible for grants, scholarships or even tuition-aide? Would they get preferential treatment over legal citizens? Or do the tax payers of the state have to “share” the burden for illegal students? The tax payers now are having a hard time paying for college for their own children.

Finally, this bill does not require these students to become citizens, it only says that they must sign an affidavit that they are trying to obtain legal residency. This is no assurance that they are going forward to get their U.S. citizenship.  At age 18 a non-citizen can apply for citizenship. Nowhere do I hear that these students are planning to do that first. All they want to do is live off the dole of working citizens of this country. They should first apply for citizenship and then apply to college.

That is why I am urging the House legislators to vote this bill down. Even though eleven states have laws granting in-state tuition to illegal immigrants, including California, Illinois, Kansas and Texas, this doesn’t mean that this is the right choice to make. There are consequences to this bill that should be reviewed thoroughly. Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, common sense should prevail and not let this progressive agenda go forward.


1 Response to "Why I am against in-state-tuition status for illegal immigrant students."

You are once again exposing the liberal orthodoxy for the con that it is.

blessings on you and yours
John Wilder

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